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The Top 5 Routes Run of 2021

Here we take a look back at some of the best routes run during the 2021 season and breakdown exactly why each example beat the defender or the coverage they were facing.

1) Gabe Davis v Kansas City Chiefs 

  • Dino Route v Cover 3 targets the outside CB and throwing up the seam between the CB and FS.

2) Brandon Aiyuk v Dallas Cowboys 

  • Shanahan targets the aggressiveness of the Cowboys #1 CB, Trevon Diggs, with a staple concept of his — the leak. Aiyuk sells the crosser before turning upfield and burning the CB.

3) Cooper Kupp v Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

  • Sequences 3 moves in a very short amount of time, Speed Out into Whip, before breaking back towards the CB and beating his man 1-on-1.

4) Hunter Renfrow v Miami Dolphins 

  • Very similar to Kupp in how he puts together different fake moves, but shifts well from slot fade, into stop route before breaking back inside and settling well to take it in for a TD.

5) Marquise Brown v Indianapolis Colts 

  • Sluggo Route targets the weak spot of Cover 3, the initial in-breaking motion makes the outside CB worry as the FS has a lot of ground to cover before Brown targets the blindspot back on the outside.