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The NFL Schedule Will be Unkind to the Seattle Seahawks

The NFL Schedule Will be Unkind to the Seattle Seahawks

With the NFL calendar set to release tomorrow, teams are keenly awaiting to hear exactly how their travel schedule will shape up. One may think that this is trivial or not important, but they would be mistaken. There is clearly a difference between the teams that travel the most and least total miles that goes beyond just the time spent on a plane.

After looking at schedules between 2015 and 2021, we charted which teams traveled the most and least to dissect their season. 

On average, the teams traveling furthest won 7.57 games per season. Meanwhile, the teams who traveled the least won 9.86 games. This is the difference between making and missing the playoffs. 

Looking solely between 2015 and 2019, the team that traveled farthest won 6.2 games, while the team traveling least won an average of 9 games. During this span, none of the teams that traveled the most total miles made the playoffs.

There has been a shift in recent seasons looking specifically at 2020 and 2021. In those two seasons, the teams that traveled the least (Ravens and Packers) made the playoffs both seasons. So did the teams that traveled the most, however (Seahawks and 49ers).

The Seahawks will travel over 2,000 miles more than any other team in the NFL this season, and it will be hard for them to replicate their previous success as the most traveled team in their first year without Russell Wilson.

Meanwhile, the Steelers will have an easier time maintaining their playoff success in their first year without Ben Roethlisberger, traveling less than 25% of the miles that Seattle will.

Here is the full list of how far each team will travel this season:

Team Total Mileage Time Zones
Seattle Seahawks 29,446 34
Denver Broncos 27,398 32
Jacksonville Jaguars 25,534 22
Miami Dolphins 25,178 14
New Orleans Saints 24,976 30
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23,764 26
LA Chargers 23,266 30
San Francisco 49ers 20,792 22
Las Vegas Raiders 20,734 26
New York Giants 20,614 22
Arizona Cardinals 19,616 20
Dallas Cowboys 19,566 14
New England Patriots 18,944 14
Minnesota Vikings 18,360 22
Green Bay Packers 17,794 22
LA Rams 17,204 20
Kansas City Chiefs 16,746 22
Carolina Panthers 16,494 14
Houston Texans 16,224 14
New York Jets 16,154 14
Atlanta Falcons 15,648 14
Indianapolis Colts 14,260 18
Buffalo Bills 13,984 10
Philadelphia Eagles 13,940 10
Washington Commanders 13,670 12
Tennessee Titans 12,484 14
Cincinnati Bengals 10,836 4
Chicago Bears 10,086 8
Cleveland Browns 9,986 2
Baltimore Ravens 9,500 2
Detroit Lions 8,348 8
Pittsburgh Steelers 6,442 0