Ed Reed to Bethune-Cookman, Huge Impact on HBCU Football

Editor’s Note: On Jan. 21, Reed announced that Bethune-Cookman was not ratifying his contract, and he would not be joining the program.

Ed Reed being named the head coach at Bethune-Cookman University could have a huge impact on HBCU football. On the heels of what Deion Sanders was able to accomplish at Jackson State, Reed has the opportunity to turn Bethune-Cookman into an HBCU powerhouse.


Ed Reed Announces Monthly Award for the NFLs Most Dominant Player

This NFL season, The 33rd Team’s Ed Reed will highlight the player he thought dominated most thoroughly for his team with a special award. The honor will go to a player the Hall of Fame ball-hawk found to be the single most impactful force on the field over the course of that month.

Reed already has his eyes on a few players from Week 1 that stood out and gave their team, as Reed would say, “the Michael Jordan effect,” consistently being THE difference maker on the field.

Check back in at the beginning of every month to find out who will take home the honor.

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Leonard Fournette Block on Micah Parsons a ‘Cheap Shot’

Hall of Fame safety Ed Reed discusses Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette’s controversial block on Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons on Sunday, and why he believes it was a cheap shot.

Reed also questions the rule enforcement difference between offensive and defensive players in today’s game.

The Friday Five: Field Yates

The Friday Five: Field Yates
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