Brissett Has to Be ‘Eager’ to Get Reps With 1st Team

Jacoby Brissett didn’t get any reps in the Cleveland Browns preseason game, but the Browns’ presumptive Week 1 starting quarterback needs to be eager to get those reps according to The 33rd Team’s Matt Cassel—who knows exactly what it’s like to be in an unclear QB battle.

Cassel, a longtime backup in both college and the NFL worked his way into a starting role a few years into his NFL career. In 2014, while with the Minnesota Vikings, Cassel entered the offseason as the presumptive starter but then the team drafted Teddy Bridgewater. Every day was a grind to get extra work with the first team and prove yourself to the coaching staff.

In Cleveland, Deshaun Watson is the clear franchise quarterback after signing a historic, fully-guaranteed contract, but he will be suspended for an extended amount of time at some point following the NFL’s appeal of his six-game suspension. Brissett has been named the starter, but did not play in the Browns first preseason game. Watson struggled

In the video above, Cassel lays out the ins and outs of how reps can be divvied up in training camp and preseason games. He also talks about the psychological approach quarterbacks must take to the situation.


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