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Taylor Lewan Considering Retirement, Expects Titans to Cut Him

Taylor Lewan expects the Tennessee Titans will cut him within the next few weeks. A three-time Pro Bowl selection at offensive tackle, Lewan is considering retiring from football after nine seasons in the NFL.

"In the next couple of weeks, I will be cut by the Tennessee Titans – that will happen," Lewan said on his podcast this week. "I truly believe that in my heart of hearts. Then I have to go into a situation that I've never been in in my entire life: I have to weigh the pros and cons of playing football or not playing football."

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Over three past three seasons, Lewan has started just 20 games for the Titans and had two knee surgeries. He missed almost the entire 2022 NFL season after suffering a knee injury in Week 2. To boot, Lewan is owed a huge sum next season, and he's well aware it's a bad combination that will likely require compromise on his part if he's to continue playing for the organization that chose him 11th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft.

"Obviously, my contract is $14 million next year," Lewan said in an interview with Titans' team media. "If they come back and are like, 'If you want to come back, this is the number we'll bring you back at,' I'm sure there will be somewhat of a conversation of: How does your knee look? Are you interested in playing?"

That last question might end up being the crucial one. Does Lewan want to keep hauling his body out on the field every Sunday when he just doesn't feel like he needs to anymore?

Lewan is a husband and a father to two daughters, and is a burgeoning star in the movement of current players engaging in media coverage of their own sport. Lewan's Bussin' With The Boys podcast, with co-host and former NFL linebacker Will Compton, is tremendously successful, and the duo currently has no plans to stop it.

"I am not [one of] these guys that is going to retire and unretire," Lewan said. "I am not going to do that. I am going to make a decision, and I'm going to stick with that decision. But I am happy either way, and I think that is the most beautiful thing I can be given in my life. Regardless of what decision I make, I will truly find peace and joy in both decisions. So, I am very, very lucky and fortunate."

In any event, Lewan has been quite clear about where he prefers to play if he decides to suit up for the 2023 NFL season.

"If I was going to play another year, my preferred spot would be where I've been for the last nine years," Lewan said. "I'm a loyal guy, and it would feel very uncomfortable for me to wear a different uniform."

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