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NFL QB Power Rankings: Bucs' Brady Ascending Headed Into Playoffs

NFL QB rankings

Former NFL quarterback Matt Cassel played with seven teams in his career, most notably for the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys. This week's QB rankings are a snapshot of where the league’s playoff starters are right now. 

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1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Team Record: 14-3 | QBR: 77.6 | Touchdowns: 41 | Last Week’s Rank: 1

Comment: A full week of prep for arguably the best quarterback in the league? The Mahomes Magic should be on full display once we get to next weekend.

2. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Team Record: 13-3 | QBR: 71.2 | Touchdowns: 35 | Last Week’s Rank: 2

Comment: It’s impossible to put into words how impressive Allen’s performance was last week in light of the circumstances. This is a man and a team with one clear goal in place: Win the Super Bowl for Damar Hamlin. Allen's first challenge is on Sunday against the Dolphins, marking their third matchup this season.

3. Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals

Team Record: 12-4 | QBR: 58.5 | Touchdowns: 35 | Last Week’s Rank: 3

Comment: Burrow and the Bengals will play the Ravens for the third time this season and the second week in a row on Sunday. Get your cigars ready cause I’m looking forward to seeing Burrow lite it up in these playoffs.

4. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Team Record: 14-3 | QBR: 66.7 | Touchdowns: 22 | Last Week’s Rank: 4

Comment: It will be interesting to see how he shakes the rust off, but if I’m a betting man, he will come to play. The bye week will be a huge help for him to get back into playing shape.

5. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Team Record: 10-7 | QBR: 58.4| Touchdowns: 25 | Last Week’s Rank: 5

Comment: I have nothing else to say other than this kid is a stud, and I cannot wait to see him perform on the game’s biggest stage. I'm expecting success when they play the Jaguars on Saturday.

6. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team Record: 8-9 | QBR: 52.6 | Touchdowns: 25 | Last Week’s Rank: 11

Comment: Yes, he has been lower on this list all year. But are you going to bet against the GOAT come playoff time? I’ve witnessed first-hand how he prepares for the playoffs. The NFC better watch out.

7. Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars

Team Record: 9-8| QBR: 54.5 | Touchdowns: 25 | Last Week’s Rank: 7

Comment: Lawrence getting the Jaguars to the playoffs this season was wildly impressive. I love this guy’s makeup, and no pressure gets to him. He’s ready for this debut against another young stud in Herbert.

8. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Team Record: 13-4 | QBR: 49.8 | Touchdowns: 29 | Last Week’s Rank: 6

Comment: He has shut down all the doubters this year. Given Cousins and the Vikings needed a last-second field goal to beat the Giants earlier this season, I’m circling this rematch as possibly the most interesting matchup of the weekend.

9. Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

Team Record: 13-4 | QBR: 65.6  | Touchdowns: 13 | Last Week’s Rank: 14

Comment: What was it that Carl Spackler, AKA Bill Murray, said in Caddyshack? “What an incredible Cinderella story. This unknown comes outta nowhere to lead the pack at Augusta.” Yeah, all that applies to this kid. Purdy will make his playoff debut against the Seahawks on Saturday, and I'm excited to see if the Cinderella story continues.

10. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

Team Record: 12-5 | QBR: 60.2 | Touchdowns: 23 | Last Week’s Rank: 11

Comment: There is a lot of extra stress put on a football player when he has that star on his helmet. Prescott may be playing for his Cowboys' future on Monday night against the Buccaneers.

11. Geno Smith, Seattle Seahawks

Team Record: 9-8 | QBR: 61.1 | Touchdowns: 30 | Last Week’s Rank: 10

Comment: No matter what happens this weekend, Smith can hold his head up high regarding where he started to where he is now. One of the most fun matchups of the weekend sees him go against a fellow awesome story – Purdy. I'm rooting for both guys on Saturday.

12. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Team Record: 9-7-1 | QBR: 60.7 | Touchdowns: 15 | Last Week’s Rank: 15

Comment: Jones continues to impress. He can hurt teams in the playoffs with his legs. Let’s see if the Giants were right in giving him a week off before the big game. We will know that answer super early in this matchup with the Vikings on Sunday.

13. Tyler Huntley, Baltimore Ravens

Team Record: 10-7 | QBR: 41.3 | Touchdowns: 2 | Last Week’s Rank: 27

Comment: Reports indicate Lamar Jackson has an "uphill battle" to play this week and wasn't spotted at practice on Wednesday. Huntley will likely start in his place if he's healthy enough. Anthony Brown started in Week 18 against the Bengals and only produced 16 points. If Jackson can't play, it's going to be tough sledding for either Huntley or Brown.

14. Skyler Thompson, Miami Dolphins

Team Record: 9-8 | QBR: 27.3 | Touchdowns: 1 | Last Week’s Rank: NR

Comment: The Dolphins ruled out Tua Tagovailoa for Sunday's game already since he hasn't cleared concussion protocol. Teddy Bridgewater is still nursing a finger injury on his throwing hand, so it's likely Thompson gets the nod against the Bills. Thompson led Miami to victory in Week 18, but the Dolphins scored just 11 points and zero offensive touchdowns.

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