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Nate Wiggins 2024 NFL Draft: Combine Results, Scouting Report For Baltimore Ravens CB

Mar 1, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Clemson defensive back Nate Wiggins (DB42) works out during the 2024 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting close, making it an excellent time to highlight some of the class' best players with scouting reports. Each report will include strengths, weaknesses and background information. 

Here's our report on Nate Wiggins.

Nate Wiggins' 2024 NFL COMBINE RESULTS

  • Height: 6-foot-1 3/8"
  • Weight: 173 seconds
  • 40-yard dash: 4.28 seconds
  • 10-yard split: 1.59 seconds
  • Vertical jump: 36"
  • Broad jump: 10'7"
  • Arm length: 30 1/2"



  • Tall, thin and fast athletic corner with extensive experience playing to the field and the boundary.
  • Did an excellent job in mirror match press man by squeezing receivers to the sideline when he had no safety help.
  • In off-coverage, he showed explosive plant and drive. Quick and sudden with explosive downhill movement.
  • Flashed mentality and awareness needed to read the quarterback drop and receiver’s route, then closed with elite burst.  
  • Covered ground easily and fluidly in zone coverage. Showed excellent recognition and range when demanded.  
  • Turned and opened his hips with easy fluidity. No wasted steps and no segmentation; special for his length.


  • Surprisingly short arms for overall body length. Only weighs 173 pounds, which could be a concern vs. big receivers. 
  • Too upright in his pedal in off-coverage, which negatively affected his hip transition and change of direction.  
  • Showed a tendency when making the transition off his pedal to be a little sticky and segmented. Not fluid.
  • There were press man snaps in which his hip transition was not as fluid as you would expect given his athleticism.
  • Too many press-man snaps in which the receiver got on top, with Wiggins relying on speed to recover.
  • Often relied exclusively on his athleticism to cover. Wasn’t playing with needed technique and discipline.
  • Won’t give much in run support. Not a physical, competitive corner on the outside, which is concerning.

Clemson Tigers cornerback Nate Wiggins (2) smiles after breaking up a pass to South Carolina wide receiver Nyck Harbor (8) during the fourth quarter at Williams-Brice Stadium. (Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports)


Wiggins may be the most athletically gifted corner prospect in the 2024 draft class with his size/length/speed profile. There is no question that his traits package will get teams excited. Wiggins showed the ability to play physical press-man and mirror-match press-man. 

While there were snaps when he was beaten off the line of scrimmage, there were also snaps when his outstanding acceleration allowed him to recover and make a play. What Wiggins consistently showed was an explosive plant and drive closing speed from off coverage. I may not have seen a corner with that kind of elite lateral and downhill burst in recent memory.

Wiggins was an easy mover with such economy and efficiency of motion, and his overall body length allowed him to be disruptive in coverage and when playing the ball. He might be the most exciting corner prospect in this class with his ability to play press-man and carry vertical routes with his top-end speed. Plus, his ability to play off-coverage with explosive click-and-close is impressive. 

The main questions for coaches will be how Wiggins’ weight affects his deployment and whether he starts at outside corner or sub-outside corner, given the lack of physicality in his play.


Wiggins played three years at Clemson with 18 starts in 34 games, finishing his career as a first-team All-ACC corner in 2023. He came out of the state of Georgia as a four-star recruit and a top-100 prospect in the nation, regardless of position 

Tez Walker of North Carolina got on top of Wiggins on a go-route for 43 yards. Wiggins was beaten off the line of scrimmage and could not recover.