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JC Latham 2024 NFL Draft: Combine Results, Scouting Report For Tennessee Titans OT

Alabama Crimson Tide tackle JC Latham
Alabama offensive lineman JC Latham runs a drill at the Hank Crisp Indoor Practice Facility during the University of Alabama’s Pro Day.

The 2024 NFL Draft is getting close, making it an excellent time to highlight some of the class' best players with scouting reports. Each report will include strengths, weaknesses and background information. 

Here's our report on JC Latham.


  • Height: 6-foot-6
  • Weight: 342
  • Arm length: 35 1/8"
  • 40-yard dash: DNP
  • 10-yard split: DNP
  • Vertical jump: DNP
  • Broad jump: DNP



  • Outstanding size and mass for RT position. Came off the ball low with leverage, generating force as a run blocker.
  • Converted strength to power as drive and down blocker in the run game. Kept feet moving, sustaining and finishing.
  • Strong initial punch coming off the ball as a run blocker. Heavy, powerful hands that moved and displaced DL.
  • Athleticism and movement for a big man showed up in his ability to work to the second and even third level of defense.
  • Consistently in run game played with a firm base, good body position, hands inside and excellent balance.
  • Efficient kick slide in pass protection with good balance, knee bend and hands in ready position to strike.
  • Light, agile feet in pass protection, excellent lateral movement and the needed range to seal the high side.
  • Grip strength in pass protection with feel and quickness to re-set his hands when needed to maintain control.
  • Pass protection snaps he stayed within his cylinder. Core strength to control the rusher and nullify his athleticism.
  • Consistently executed the three pillars of pass protection: Eyes up, hands inside, feet underneath, plus balance.
  • Powerful feel to Latham as a run blocker and in pass protection. Big man with agile movement, and he finishes.
  • Always looked measured, poised and under control in his movement. Pass protection looked effortless.


  • 2023 – Some pass protection snaps he did not show needed range to seal the edge. Not in good body position.
  • Vertical set pass protection snaps he opened up too quickly, squeezing the pocket and exposing the inside.
  • Biggest issue in pass protection was reps he was beaten across his face with quick inside moves and counters. 
  • There were some pass protection reps in which he had to mirror and re-direct, and his balance was an issue.
  • Over aggressive at times as a run blocker resulting in dropping his head into contact and off-balance lunging.


Latham is one of the better OL prospects in the 2024 draft class after starting at right tackle for two seasons at Alabama. He brings a desirable combination of size, play strength, power, movement and competitive toughness.

Power is the foundation of Latham’s game. It comes in a frame with outstanding size and mass, with long arms and a powerful core and lower half. That was especially effective in pass protection, where he consistently played with excellent balance and a firm base, setting a strong anchor to stone speed-to-power pass rush. He showed the needed athletic ability and range with active feet to seal the edge.

In the run game, Latham easily converted contact strength to movement power as a down blocker to create displacement. As a base blocker, he could control and displace with impactful, initial contact and sustaining foot movement. Latham is a big man with natural power throughout his body and surprisingly light balanced feet for a man that size.

His dominant play strength and commanding anchor consistently showed up on tape, especially in pass protection. There are two concerns in pass protection that could be more exposed at the next level, and that is his occasional issue with quick inside counters that cross his face and his vulnerability to detailed rushers with stutters, hesitations and nuance.

Overall, my sense is Latham is a RT prospect who could make the transition to LT, and it would not surprise me if some teams see him as an OG with his strength and power to dominate in the run game.


Latham came out of IMG Academy in Florida as a consensus five-star recruit, the top ranked OL and No. 2 prospect in the nation regardless of position. He played his first two years of high school football in Wisconsin as a DE before transferring to IMG and making the switch to OT.

Latham became the starter at RT in his sophomore season of 2022 and finished his college career with 23 starts. Latham physically overpowered Michigan DT Kris Jenkins on Jase McClellan's 34-yard TD in the national semifinal game. Overall, Latham had a dominant game versus Michigan, especially in pass protection.