Sports Info Solutions: Minnesota Vikings 2022 Team Preview

Sports Info Solutions: Minnesota Vikings 2022 Team Preview
With the Minnesota Vikings moving on from defensive-minded coach Mike Zimmer to the offensive-minded Kevin O’Connell, the Vikings are looking for a change. O’Connell is fresh off a Super Bowl victory, and he will look to infuse his offensive style with the myriad of offensive talent the Vikings currently possess.  Scouting the Offense Leading the […]

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Vikings’ Jefferson Only Receiver Capable of 2,000 Yards

I don’t think there will be a 2,000-yard receiver in the NFL this season. It’s just a feat that is so challenging and daunting. There are a lot of things that are in play for a receiver actually achieving something like that. 

There’s health, and there’s availability. There’s opportunity. What will the defense provide or take away as far as your skillset? As an individual, it’s tough. 

But if there was a receiver that was to eclipse that 2,000-yard season, I do believe it would be a player like Justin Jefferson. He is so electric when he gets the ball in his hands. He’s such a deep threat, and he catches almost anything and everything you throw in his direction. 

That is what it would have to take — a big-play individual, someone that can break away on the short pass and get behind the defenders on a deep pass. It would have to be a receiver that is a true focal point of what you’re trying to get done offensively.


Justin Jefferson Deserves Comparison to Jerry Rice

When you have a player like Justin Jefferson, it’s very difficult to compare him to other players. He is just such a special player with what he has done in his first two seasons in the NFL.

It’s Lofty, but Justin Jefferson Reminds Me of Jerry Rice

Jefferson doesn’t have Cris Carter’s body, and he’s not as big a weapon inside the slot. Art Monk was a different type of player. He has better straight-line speed than Tim Brown had. I don’t think Jerry Rice, even in his heyday, had that top-end speed, but I think there are some comparisons there between him and Jefferson.

You can look at their body types, their athleticism when the ball is in the air and how they attack it in the air. You look at their short-area quickness, and their ability to stop and adjust. I think their ability to adjust to the ball whether it’s high, low or behind them.

Jefferson is good in traffic, outside the numbers and on the boundary; he’s got that spatial awareness. And the other thing he does very well is he’s a very confident catcher of the football. You don’t see many throws get in on his body. He does a great job catching the ball with his hands extended. He’s got great, strong hands. I think he’s gotten better at the line of scrimmage. The best receivers create instant separation at the line, and he does a great job of that. He has great first-step quickness, a stutter step and can get on top of corners quickly—and separate once he does.

His Teammates Deserve Some Credit

Let’s give a little bit of credit where credit is due: Jefferson also has a quarterback, Kirk Cousins, who’s very accurate, has been in that system and has a lot of confidence throwing the ball. That goes a long way. You can be a great receiver and not have a very accurate quarterback. Say what you want about Cousins, but he is extremely accurate and puts up good stats even in an off-year. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but he gives his receivers a chance to make a play on the football.

The other thing that benefits Justin Jefferson is Adam Thielen. He’s good for 10 touchdowns a season in the red zone. He’s another good target you have to respect from a defensive standpoint, so that takes some of the doubles off of Jefferson.

A New Offense will Help Jefferson, Too

Another thing that benefits Jefferson is this new-look offense Kevin O’Connell brings. They’re going to move Jefferson around a lot more than we saw his first two seasons in the league. I think that will free him up and give him opportunities in one-on-one coverage.

We are talking about a player who shattered every receiving record the Vikings had for a player’s first two years. When you consider that Randy Moss was once a Viking, Jefferson is in pretty good company.


Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Can Throw for 5,000 Yards in 2022

I’m excited for the Minnesota Vikings. I think one thing we know in the NFL is change is constant. The Vikings have a new head coach and general manager. I think new coach Kevin O’Connell is going to work wonders with quarterback Kirk Cousins. Keep in mind: O’Connell was in Los Angeles last year when the Rams acquired Matthew Stafford.

Look at the success Stafford had in his first season, winning a Super Bowl with the Rams. In talking to O’Connell, he said Matthew took ownership of the offense. I think we’re gonna see that with Cousins.

A New Regime

As bad as things were last year in Minnesota, Cousins threw 33 touchdowns and just seven picks. I think he can throw for 5,000 yards in his new offense, and I think O’Connell is going to take the training wheels off.

Remember with Mike Zimmer, who was a defensive-minded head coach and a guy that wanted to establish the running game, he wanted to limit the exposure of Cousins, and that’s not going to be the case with O’Connell. I think it’s going to be free-wheeling. It’s going to be aggressive. It’s gonna be an up-tempo style of offense, which is something I think Cousins will really thrive in.

Cousins’ Supporting Cast

When you look at the supporting cast, Adam Thielen — even on a down year — is good for nine or 10 touchdowns. You look at Justin Jefferson, all he’s done in his first two seasons is shatter records in Minnesota. Dalvin Cook is a really good running back. However, the Vikings need to stay healthy at the tight end position and solidify the interior of their offensive line. I also think they’re going to be better on defense with new coordinator Ed Donatell, who’s going to bring a 3-4 scheme.

The challenge for the Vikings is whether they can narrow that gap between themselves and the Packers in the NFC North. Trust me, Cousins is gonna put up big numbers this year for the Minnesota Vikings.


Best Wide Receivers in the NFL? Brett Favre Has 4

If Brett Favre could choose four current wide receivers to to throw to if he were playing today, who would make his top four? To very little surprise, the Hall of Fame quarterback’s list begins with former Green Bay Packers and current Las Vegas Raiders wideout Davante Adams.

“You know Davante is gonna run a slant … then a sluggo, but yet no one can guard him,” said Favre, who added that Adams “runs the double move better than anyone who has run routes in history.”

Next up: Los Angeles Rams WR Cooper Kupp, who led the league in receiving yards, receptions and touchdowns in 2021. Favre praises Kupp’s tremendous route-running ability.

Favre rounds out his list with former college teammates at LSU, Ja’Marr Chase of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson. This is a bit of a surprise considering how brief their NFL careers have been.

“Tremendous players right from the get-go … you can tell those guys were ready to play,” Favre said. “Just amazing and fun to watch, and it’d be fun to throw to those guys.”


Michael Vick’s 7 Most Electric Non QBs in the NFL

The NFL is filled with electric players who make a huge impact on Sundays.

Heading into the 2022 NFL season, here are my top-seven most electric non-quarterbacks for the 2022 season – in no particular order.

Aaron Donald (DT Los Angeles Rams)

After winning the Super Bowl this past season, Donald returns to Los Angeles hungry for another championship. He changed the dynamic of how defense was played and the addition of Bobby Wagner this offseason will help the chase of a championship. I fully expect Donald to dominate and the Rams to be a contender in the 2022 season.

Justin Jefferson (WR Minnesota Vikings)

Jefferson is emerging as a true number one receiver. He knows how to play above the rim and it makes covering him a nightmare. After coming 16 yards shy of Randy Moss’ record, I expect him to get better and be even more of that defensive nightmare than he was in 2021.

Tyrann Mathieu (DB New Orleans Saints)

Returning home to Louisiana, Mathieu joins a defense that was already a top-five unit in 2021. Joining Cameron Jordan and Demario Davis, the addition of Mathieu gives them a great defender on every level of the defense. He adds Super Bowl experience to a group of veterans that are primed to make a run.

 Travis Kelce (TE Kansas City Chiefs)

I know how to use a tight end. From Alge Crumpler to Brent Celek, they helped make my job easier. Kelce, like my former teammates, is a defensive nightmare. He is a massive matchup problem for any S or LB because he can make them look foolish. Now that Tyreek Hill has moved on, Kelce will be Patrick Mahomes top option and will be a top target in the 2022 season.

Micah Parsons (LB Dallas Cowboys)

It’s hard to live up to comparisons of Lawrence Taylor, but that’s the position that Parsons is in. He has the ability to play every position in the front seven and is an explosive play waiting to happen. I respect what he can do at both the linebacker and defensive line positions.

Derwin James (S Los Angeles Chargers)

Despite his injury history, James is an exciting and electric player. He is big, fast, and strong who can both cover and tackle in space. With Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack at both edge rushers and JC Jackson and Asante Samuel Jr on the outside, James is primed for a breakout season roaming the middle of the field.

Tyreek Hill (WR Miami Dolphins)

If you make a list like this, Hill should be at the top. The biggest question with him is with his new quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Can he do it? Can he do enough of what Patrick Mahomes did creatively? Hill is so explosive on all levels of the field and can take it to the house from anywhere. If Tua can get the ball to Hill and be creative, the Dolphins offense can take a major step.

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