Lawrence, Lance the Quarterbacks to Watch in 2022

Ahead of the 2022 NFL season, The 33rd Team’s Michael Vick and Greg Jennings each picked one quarterback they’re most excited to see play in 2022. Both men immediately looked to second-year passers trying to make a big jump: Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance.

Which player are they ready to see excel like the quarterback they saw at the college level? And which player divided the two, with one saying “there’s a lot going on” and “he’s got potential,” while the other immediately said, “I think he’s going to struggle”?


Stephon Gilmore is the Closest Current DB to Darrelle Revis

Editor’s Note: The 33rd Team’s Greg Jennings discusses the toughest defensive back he ever played and what modern active players remind him the most of his toughest opponent. 


The toughest defensive back I have ever faced was Darrelle Revis because of his level of awareness, savviness, understanding and insight, along with his physicality. More than anything, it was his patience at the line of scrimmage. As a receiver, we all assess the corners across the line of scrimmage from us, and the first assessment is: Can I get him off with my first move?

If there is no concern that he can get his hands on me, I’m good. I don’t care who it is. But when you have a defensive back that is patient and physical like Revis, it becomes a tough chess match.

As far as modern comparisons to Revis, I would say Stephon Gilmore. He shows an extreme amount of patience at the line of scrimmage, awareness of route concepts, and he just knows what opposing receivers are trying to do. It’s hard to get open on guys like Gilmore with his patience and length.

There are a lot of great corners now. Obviously, Jalen Ramsey is the best in the game. Ramsey plays with such a high level of confidence and a disregard for if you beat him. If you beat him, he’s going to just line back up and run the next play.

I also love watching Xavien Howard. Howard shows physicality and length with ball skills and patience at the line of scrimmage. When you combine all of those traits together, you have a very dynamic cornerback.

I also appreciate guys like J.C. Jackson and Denzel Ward as well. There are a lot of talented corners right now in the NFL.


Josh Allen Leads List of Top 5 Fantasy QBs

Here are my top five fantasy quarterbacks. Now, before everybody goes into a frenzy when you hear this list, these are not my top five NFL quarterbacks. This is fantasy, and fantasy is very different. When you’re judging fantasy, there are a lot of other elements that tie into a top fantasy quarterback.

With that said, here we go: My top five fantasy quarterbacks for 2022:

1. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

The reason why Josh Allen is my No. 1 is because he’s going to throw the ball around the field, he’s mobile, and he’s going to get the ball to his receivers on short and long routes. He can scramble. In the red zone, you have to as a defense be mindful of him running the ball into the end zone. And he can run it from out of the red zone, too.

2. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

He can run, and obviously he’s one of the best off-script quarterbacks in the NFL in getting the ball to his receivers and allow them to make big and special plays. He’s Patrick Mahomes. He’s throwing behind his back, he’s throwing left-handed. He’s Patrick Mahomes.

3. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

A couple of things with Lamar: Everybody says he doesn’t have a whole lot of weapons in receivers. Yeah, but he has pass-catchers. Mark Andrews is going to be a huge beneficiary and has always been. And Rashod Bateman will be huge for Lamar as well. He can also score from anywhere on the field because of his running ability.

4. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert is a special talent. He can throw the ball from end zone to end zone — 65,70 yards in the air, on a dime. You can’t teach that, but for fantasy, I’ll take that.

5. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

The rushing element with Jalen is huge. He now has DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown. Hurts has already built a rapport with Brown, a guy he wants to see succeed. There are big things in store for not only A.J. Brown but Jalen Hurts.

Training Camp

What Makes a Throw Receiver-Friendly?

When you have a quarterback who doesn’t throw a receiver-friendly ball, what someone is implying is every ball is pretty much the same. It comes with high velocity, it’s a little hard, and typically, you hear it from guys who play in inclement weather climates. You hear that from guys that are going to be playing in the cold.

Weather Changes the Ball

The ball changes in those cold climates. You do want and prefer a quarterback to be mindful of that. I remember when Aaron Rodgers took over for Brett Favre. Brett always threw with extreme drama to me. He put everything into it when he was trying to thread a needle, split defenders and he was throwing his entire body into a pass. For Aaron, and I caught him when he was younger, Brett on the back end of his career, for Aaron it was just a flick.

Aaron saw and heard the stories of how hard Brett threw, and he wanted to throw as hard if not harder. He wanted to climb that mountain and be the guy who threw the hardest. I remember telling him “Dude, stop throwing the ball so hard.” It is not receiver-friendly when I am running a crossing route and you are throwing 80 miles an hour. I am just seven yards away from you; I don’t want that. That is extreme, instinctive reaction time for a receiver depending on where the ball location is.

Some Quarterbacks are Better at Throwing Deep

A lot of times even going down the field, there are ball flights that just look better. It sounds weird, but it is a real thing. When I look at Joe Burrow’s deep ball, he throws a really pretty deep ball. Rodgers has always thrown a really pretty deep ball. Joe Flacco just looks like he lays it in there like a loaf of bread. He’s a big arm, taller guy you can see him, and you see the release point. He doesn’t have to throw with an extreme amount of velocity because he is a longer, taller guy with a big arm and always had one.

Does it matter? It matters when the weather changes let’s say that.

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