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Coordinator’s Corner: Raiders Touchdown Pass to Kenyan Drake

Today on Coordinator’s Corner, I am going to break down a Las Vegas Raiders touchdown pass from Derek Carr.

In this series, I break down some of the best plays and designs from the previous football week. The goal is to help you to understand why players and coaches come to the decisions they did with different play designs. This play particularly caught my eyes when watching it back.

My experience comes from being the Chicago Bears’ head coach for two seasons before departing. Other stops in my coaching career include going to the CFL, where I coached the Montreal Alouettes. With Montreal, I would coach my way into four Grey Cups and win three of them in the process. Throw into the mix the coaching in both a college National Championship and Super Bowl as well and you can realize I have seen, taught, and learned from the best over my lengthy career. 

Now, as a contributor with The 33rd Team, I am looking at the Las Vegas Raiders as they are taking on the Denver Broncos in Week 6.

The Breakdown

In this game, Derek Carr completes a beautiful wheel route to Running Back Kenyan Drake for a Raiders’ touchdown. At this point in the game, the Raiders were trailing 10-7, so this play specifically changed the momentum of the game completely. The play design here is more than just the nice throw from Carr too, it allowed Carr to have so many options if the play were to break down. That’s something any good NFL play

call should include. 

How did this play materialize as the half ended? Why did the Raiders make this call? Allow me and my 39 years of experience working with offenses to explain. From working with quarterbacks, we can break down this Raiders touchdown and its design. 

This is the Coordinator’s Corner.

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