NFL Receivers Ready to Shine on New Teams in 2022

I’m breaking down which NFL receivers— not named Davante Adams that is— are prepped and primed to have the most success this season with their new teams in 2022. 

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown (Arizona Cardinals)

Hollywood has a great chance to have success this season because he is back with someone he is comfortable with. He had a great relationship with Lamar Jackson, but there’s nothing like playing with someone who knows you, who knows you, who you played with in college, and who you’ve had success with. You’ve done this before. It’s going to be like playing back in college for them. 

We already see how Kyler Murray plays. He’s an outside-the-pocket kind of guy. He can throw the ball way downfield if need be—fifty or sixty yards in the air, and Hollywood Brown is more of a deep threat. You have a guy like DeAndre Hopkins alongside him, who is going to take the pressure of being the No. 1 guy off. 

So that leaves you with Hollywood Brown on your N0. 2—a No.2 corner without help. That is going to be problematic for any defense in the National Football League. That is going to be something to see. 

AJ Brown (Philadelphia Eagles)

I don’t get stumped for words too often. Just thinking about the relationship between AJ Brown and Jalen Hurts, though, does it. Relationships are everything…especially for the quarterback and wide receiver. That success starts off the field. There is trust, a rapport, a real camaraderie.

You see that with Hurts and Brown.

Both feel they have something to prove. One, Hurts feels like no one believes in me as a No.1 guy. Now, you’re giving me talent. Now, I got Devonta Smith, and you give me Brown. You’re actually giving me pieces. You want me to succeed. So you have that at quarterback. 

Then you have a guy in Brown who was an all-world everything for the Titans, and now he has a chip on his shoulder! He never wanted to leave, but you shipped him out, and you sent him to a place with a friend who he has a great relationship with. A.J. Brown and Jalen Hurts are going to light the NFL up. 

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