Kev Wheeler

Kev Wheeler

Kev Wheeler is a former High School Baseball and Football coach that has been a fantasy football addict for over 25 years. As a coach, Wheeler’s teams accomplished five county championships and two regional championships. Wheeler has translated his on-field success to the fantasy football arena.

As a published analyst and player ranker, Wheeler was among the top-10 most accurate in the FantasyPros Accuracy competition for his overall draft rankings in 2017 and top-10 overall weekly rankings in 2018. He finished in the top-3 in positional QB rankings in 2018 and 19, top-5 in TE rankings in 2019, and top-5 in RB rankings in 2020.

Top 2 finish in Leader of the Pack (2018) accuracy contest.

Wheeler also finished within the top-10 most accurate in the Fantasy Nation draft accuracy competition in 2020 and 21, top-3 in weekly accuracy in 2019, and seventh best in 2020. His 2019 rankings were top-5 at every position, and the #1 most accurate at RB contests.

Wheeler has been the lead Fantasy analyst at for the past 5 seasons, and a former contributor to the  Pyromaniac podcast and Goat District podcast.


Wheeler’s Week 4 Fantasy Football Rankings

Since we’re three weeks into the season, we can start to operate with some data and some sticky information. Three games aren’t enough of a sample to have any degree of confidence in average projections, but some obvious trends can support or reject our preseason narratives. Saquon Barkley is BACK! It’s not just the usage […]


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Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings

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Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings

A week from today, nearly everyone interested in NFL football will be talking about how we just witnessed the craziest first week of football ever. Like clockwork, everyone will be amazed how some third-string RB and special-team WR scored three TDs or went for 150-plus yards. Every week, there is tremendous variance in football; we […]


Fantasy Football Rankings Nos. 101-150

This is the third installment of my rankings series, you can link to the first two below: At this point in your draft, you have your core team established and you’re filling out your line-up or grabbing some depth for those crazy things that happen in the first few weeks. Don’t concern yourself […]


Fantasy Football Rankings: 51-100

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Top 50 Fantasy Football Draft Rankings

I think it’s important to remind ourselves fantasy football rankings are neither projections nor a cheat sheet. They are a reference to access the night before your draft or during your draft to give you confidence going into a pick. There are many ways to approach your draft. No one approach will win you a […]

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