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Stories Worth a Look or Listen: Xavien Howard's Value

Each week, the 33rd Team shares some links and information regarding NFL stories, articles and podcasts we find valuable. This week, we lead with a look at one of the more undervalued DBs in the NFL...

Miami Dolphins’ Xavien Howard trade value and potential landing spots

Author: Austin Gayle

Three things you need to know:

  1. Howard owns a 62.5 passer rating when targeted over the last three seasons. Of 131 cornerbacks who qualify by having at least 75 targets over this span, Howard’s 62.5 ranks third lowest.
  2. Howard’s contract currently pays him the 20th most in average positional guarantee per year--his teammate Byron Jones’ average guarantee per year ranks him third, while Howard has significantly outperformed him.
  3. Howard’s best fit if he were to be traded would be with Arizona. Arizona ranked fourth in running Cover 0 and Cover 1 last season at a 45% clip. Howard also brings veteran help into a secondary that lost longtime leader Patrick Peterson this offseason.

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Niners linebacker Fred Warner's lucrative contract has a unique structure, with two deals in one

Author: Ian Rapoport

Three things you need to know:

  1. Fred Warner is now the highest-paid ILB in the league with a five-year, $95 million deal with $40.5 million guaranteed, but the deal has a unique component.
  2. On its face, the five-year deal is actually a three-year extension with an $18.3 million average, because the final two years automatically void, eclipsing Bobby Wagner’s $18.0 million average.
  3. However, the 49ers can “buy back” the final two years by paying Warner $21.85 million in 2025, creating an overall $19.2 million average that’s almost 70% guaranteed.

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Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks

Preview of Teams Starting Training Camp + Evolution of College Football Personnel Departments

Three things you need to know:

  1. Devastating injury for Cam Akers (torn Achilles) and the Rams. Akers brought big-time game-changing ability to their backfield and looked ready to take another step forward in year 2. Darrell Henderson will likely step into his projected role.
  2. DJ’s pre-training camp takeaways: Dallas will live and die by their secondary and their offensive line. Pittsburgh will live and die by their offensive line. Tampa Bay has the two most important positions filled with elite talent: QB and EDGE.
  3. Nick Saban said Alabama starting QB Bryce Young has already earned close to $1 million through NIL – and Alabama’s season has yet to start.

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Flying Coach

with Sean McVay and Peter Schrager

Three things you need to know:

  1. In the final episode of the season, Raheem Morris discussed his 2002 Tampa Bay interview with Monte Kiffin, when Kiffin asked him to draw up and explain a defense before meeting one-on-one with the coaches. The then-DBs coach Mike Tomlin immediately swore at Morris for “cheating,” specifically already being taught the defense, but vouched for him anyway.
  2. Mike Tomlin was comfortable during his Steelers interview because he considered it “house money” with nothing to lose.
  3. Kiffin used to tell Tomlin that it’s easy to get a “C” player to play “B” than to get an “A” player to show up and play “A” every week.

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