Dolphins Must Make it Work with TE Mike Gesicki

Editor’s note: As the Dolphins and new coach Mike McDaniel look ahead to a pivotal year for quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Dave Wannstedt discusses tight end Mike Gesicki’s fit in the Miami’s new system.


I’m having a tough time figuring out how Mike is not a fit down there. I do a lot of work with the Big Ten Network, so I followed his career at Penn State. When you have guys that score touchdowns, as a head coach, you find a way to make it fit. I don’t know if there’s more to the story or not, but there’s something missing that I don’t think anybody’s talking about or aware of.

There’s nothing that puts more pressure [on a defense] than a 6-foot-5, 200-plus pound receiver. You can put him in the box or you can remove him from the box. When he’s in the game, you’re trying to figure out if you want a linebacker or a defensive back to cover him.

It was nightmares when New England used Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez in two-tight end sets. They would put those guys in and move them out. I’ll tell you what, it was a real nightmare. You needed a game plan in itself to defend guys like that, so I don’t get it.

Okay, so maybe they say he’s not a great blocker. That was the first thing that came to my mind. When we won the Super Bowl in Dallas, we had Jay Novacek. I think Jay was about 210 pounds and he wasn’t gonna block anybody, but Norv Turner did things with him scheme-wise to make it work. He was blocking down and stalk-blocking, so we found ways because he was too valuable as a receiver for us.

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