49ers Trust Deebo Samuel to be Team’s Centerpiece

The contract extension of Deebo Samuel was announced last week and states a firm belief that the 49ers believe he will continue on an upward trend. They gave him a three-year,$71.55 million extension, including $58.1 million guaranteed.

A second-round draft pick of the 49ers in the 2019 NFL draft, Samuel has been a versatile weapon since he came into the league. He was also lucky enough to go to the perfect system for his skill set. I believe the 49ers made the right decision for both the current team and their future by securing Samuel.

How Deebo fits

The 49ers are really good at adjusting and using Samuel in creative ways. Head coach Kyle Shanahan isolates him in all kinds of situations as both a running back and wide receiver to create ideal matchups. They understand what he is capable of on an intimate level and they do what they can to get Samuel in a position to win games.

The contract itself is an appreciation for who you are and what you have done for the organization. It’s a good marriage and a very solid thing to do. A lot of times, a team is reluctant to pay that kind of money to a player, but that’s what you have to do. When you give that kind of guaranteed money to someone like that, that’s basically the organization saying that we trust you to be the centerpiece of the offense.

Samuel made waves this offseason when he demanded a trade from the 49ers. He was so important to the 49ers’ current offense and future that they decided to work through those concerns. Samuel can help new starting quarterback Trey Lance ease into his role. Handing out big contracts doesn’t always pay off, but I think this time it will.

I think it’s a good thing to give younger players these big extensions because they are more likely to live up to the contract.