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The Friday Five: Vinny Guadagnino

The Friday Five: Vinny Guadagnino

Vinny Guadagnino is a reality television star and original cast member of MTV's Jersey Shore. Guadagnino has also starred in such shows as The Masked DancerRevenge Prank, and The Show with Vinny. He also became a published author in 2019, releasing The Keto Guido Cookbook: Delicious Recipes to Get Health.

We caught up with Vinny for this week's Friday Five...

1) Who is your biggest mentor?

I’ve honestly always mentored myself. I'm addicted to learning new things and bettering myself. That being said, I am constantly learning and researching things from various experts in whatever field I am trying to improve upon.

2) You’ve been touted by some as the best athlete to come out of the Jersey Shore. Did you ever dream of being a pro athlete as a kid?

Well, I'm not sure I am the best athlete per se but I am probably the most active. I spend most of my days burning calories in various ways (cycling, running, basketball, jump rope etc..)  and having proper nutritional intake. I love being healthy and it feels good to look good in the public eye. So being in the spotlight has been a great motivator to stay in shape for sure.

3) Who is your all time favorite NFL player?

I would have to be basic and say Tom Brady. I look up to him for sure.

4) What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Growing up, I've resisted a lot of life's pain for the sake of being in my comfort zone. I've learned and am doing better with taking risks, chances, and being comfortable with discomfort.

5) If you could invite any three people in history to dinner, who would they be and why?

David Blaine - I can watch magic all day, especially at a dinner table.
Robin Williams  - he would have the whole table laughing.
Neil deGrasse Tyson - I like his random scientific facts that he puts in simple terms .