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The Friday Five: Jaleel White

The Friday Five: Jaleel White

Jaleel White is an actor, writer, producer and entrepreneur who began his career at age 3 acting in Television commercials and is best known for Family Matters and voicing Sonic The Hedgehog. The UCLA graduate recently launched the ItsPurpl cannabis product line with 710Labs and is also a diehard Los Angeles Chargers fan.

We caught up with Jaleel for this week's Friday Five...

1) Who is your biggest mentor?

Mentors tend to change annually for me. Some are famous, some are not. Watching Adam Sandler’s acting and producing process this past year was a real treat for me. He’s very unassuming and always working. He also knows I appreciate the way he runs his pick-up basketball games. Most A-Listers shy away from contact and they stack their teams cause they have the power to do so — not Adam. Shark Tank investor Daymond John, cannabis pioneer Brad Melshenker, and John Cerasani are three other cats I can always lean on for solid biz talk. Sorry, but I couldn’t do the famous mentors only thing.

2) As a diehard Chargers fan, what do you think of the job Brandon Staley has done in his first year with the team?

Coach Staley is doing a fantastic job! Justin Herbert, in just his second year, set the all time franchise record for most touchdowns thrown in one season.   Add to that you can really feel the team playing like they expect to win. That’s all a fan can ask for is effort and execution.

3) What is your favorite football movie?

RUDY! I was an undersized kid growing up so I felt like I could relate. And I think Rudy was Jon Favreau’s first major movie role, he low-key stole the movie!

4) Who is your favorite NFL player of all-time and why?

You said my favorite player, not favorite team — my answer is Bo Jackson. I grew up playing a little video game called Tecmo Bowl. And Bo Jackson was unstoppable on that game. Like silly unstoppable. In real life, the Bo Knows Nike campaign was neck and neck with everything Air Jordan. People have such short memories.

5) If you could invite any three people in history to dinner, who would they be and why?

Number one... Jesus. Got a lot of questions for him. Number Two… Muhammad Ali. Who better to keep the banter going throughout the meal? And number three… Cleopatra. That woman was at the center of a lot of wars, and I wouldn’t mind knowing what all the fuss was about.