0 thoughts on “The 33rd Team’s Official First-Round Mock Draft

  • DE is not a need for the Jets. They’ve already spent a TON of resources on what was the strongest unit on the team already. They also need to see what they have in John Franklin Myers, Jabari Zuniga, and Josh Huff. There is not a single blue chip DE in this draft, but there will be 2-3 next year and the Jets have two 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks. DE has to wait until next year.

    Glad to see that you mention TE. Most people ignore that. They also have a need at RB and WLB. Why no mention of those?

    I like Farley, but imo the pick at #23 should be Tevin Jenkins if he’s there. If not, then Creed Humphrey should be the pick. CB is a distant 3rd choice at #23. The Jets need to fix the OL and build around Wilson to ensure that he succeeds. They cannot make the same mistake as Mac and defense immediately after taking Darnold.

    • Andy Hanson says:

      Teven Jenkins should be there for the Jets at 34, Caleb Farley almost certainly would not. I also think the Jets might go IOL with their pick at 34 as there are some great options in those spots that might all be gone by the pick at 66.

      We tried to match up what the Jets needs would be for what Saleh and LaFleur’s systems will need. RB is something the 49ers did effectively by committee with other team’s cast offs. Saleh and the 49ers dominated with a strong defensive line so don’t be too surprised if they do grab an edge that he likes. Really this might just be a draft where the Jets fill in best player available at every pick as they try to add talent to all areas.

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