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Terry McLaurin Extension is a 'No-Brainer' For Washington According to Former NFL GM

Commanders vs. Eagles Week 10 Scouting Report...Terry McLaurin Extension

On Tuesday afternoon, the Washington Commanders and star WR Terry McLaurin reached an agreement on a three-year extension worth up to $71 million, now making him one of the five highest-paid receivers in the NFL. The deal included a $28 million signing bonus which is the highest among any wide receiver. McLaurin is now contractually tied to Washington through the 2025 NFL season.

Terry McLaurin has been the most productive player in Washington since his NFL debut in 2019. Through three seasons McLaurin has recorded 222 receptions, 3090 yards, and 16 receiving TDs. McLaurin has also been a very durable player for Washington, playing 14, 15, and 17 games in each respective season.

Former NFL GM Mike Tannenbaum, former NFL Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, and former NFL WR Laveranues Coles spoke with The 33rd Team in regards to Washington’s extension with Terry McLaurin.

Tannenbaum made note of how the timing of the extension works out from Terry McLaurin’s perspective:

“By this being a 3-year deal, it will give McLaurin another bite at the apple.”

McLaurin is currently 26 years old. Due to the shorter length of the extension, McLaurin should be set up for another pay day after the 2025 NFL season assuming he stays healthy, and he continues to play at a high level.

It will be interesting to see if McLaurin can play at a high enough level to earn another massive payday with Carson Wentz as his QB.

Mornhinweg believes that Wentz and McLaurin are a solid duo:

“If Carson stays healthy and can play at a high level, which has shown to do, and do it for a whole year then watch out.”

Coles, as a former NFL wide receiver, detailed what McLaurin needs to do between now and 3 years to get that next contract:

“It’s a performance business. He’s going to need his new quarterback to get on the same page as him and trust him the way that his previous quarterbacks have so that he can continue to put up numbers and make plays.”

Tannenbaum added that he felt that extended him to a lucrative deal was an obvious choice from Washington’s perspective:

“He’s a great young player. It was a no-brainer — an absolutely necessary that they got him extended.”

Mornhinweg added, “He’s homegrown, he’s been with them. They wanted to keep him because they covet him that way with his hard work, preparation, and talent.”

Potentially the most intriguing result of this extension is the effect that it will have on a player such as Deebo Samuel, who is waiting for his own lucrative extension.

When asked about the mindset that Deebo Samuel should have after the Terry McLaurin extension, Coles said:

“I know that I’m on deck and I’m due. I am so valuable to the 49ers that there is no way they can’t pay me. I would be making a phone call to my agent right now if I were him (Deebo Samuel).”