Betting 2023 NFL Draft: What Team Will Take Bijan Robinson?

You can bet on the team that’s going to draft Texas Longhorns running back Bijan Robinson (scouting report) on DraftKings Sportsbook. This is the only draft-related bet of this type currently available on BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel or PointsBet.

A lot can happen between now and when the NFL Draft kicks off on April 27. The combine starts this week and pro days will follow. Both of those events can impact a prospect’s draft status. Free agency kicks off in a few weeks, which will alter team needs for a variety of organizations. Draft-related trades could change which teams have which picks.

Despite those uncertainties, we can still create a pool of options in this market. To accomplish that, I’m going to go through every NFL team to determine how likely they are to draft Robinson. After that, I’ll finish up with the teams I like the most in this market. But first, we should take a quick look at recent running backs that were taken in the first round.

First-Round RBs of the Last 10 Years

Year Players Selected Selection Number 
2013 None N/A
2014 None N/A
2015 Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon Gurly (10th), Gordon (15th)
2016 Ezekiel Elliott 4th
2017 Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey  Fournette (4th), McCaffrey (8th)
2018 Saquon Barkley, Rashaad Penny, Sony Michel Barkley (2nd), Penny (27th), Michel (31)
2019 Josh Jacobs 24th
2020 Clyde Edwards-Helaire 32nd
2021 Najee Harris and Travis Etienne Harris (24th), Etienne (25th)
2022 None N/A

After former New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman’s decision to begin a rebuild by taking a running back with the second overall pick in 2018, no one has taken a RB inside the top 20 since. That said, Robinson is the best running back prospect in the last five years.

Robinson is the sixth overall prospect in this class with a 6.99 grade, according to The 33rd Team’s scouting department. has Robinson graded at a 6.80, which is the same grade they gave Todd Gurley in 2015. 

We should expect Robinson to be selected somewhere near the 10th pick in this year’s draft.

Going Through the First Round

Pick 1: Chicago Bears

Odds: (+1800)

Even if the Chicago Bears trade back, it would be a surprise if they took a running back in the first round. Chicago has too many holes on their roster to make that decision.

Pick 2: Houston Texans

Odds: (+2800)

It’s a near certainty the Houston Texans take a quarterback with this selection.

Pick 3: Arizona Cardinals

Odds: (+5000)

There’s a high chance the Arizona Cardinals take one of the draft’s premium pass rushers here like Alabama’s Will Anderson (scouting report) or Georgia’s Jalen Carter (scouting report).

Pick 4: Indianapolis Colts

Odds: (+10000)

The Indianapolis Colts are likely to select a quarterback, and they already have a starting RB, Jonathan Taylor. Colts owner Jim Irsay even hinted at the team’s interest in the quarterback class when introducing new head coach Shane Steichen. 

Pick 5: Seattle Seahawks

Odds: (+7500)

The Seattle Seahawks have breakout performer Kenneth Walker, so they don’t have a need at the running back position.

Pick 6: Detroit Lions

Odds: (+1200)

The Detroit Lions are likely to select a premium defensive player here. That said, if Detroit decides to move D’Andre Swift, the Lions become a fascinating landing spot for Robinson.

Pick 7: Las Vegas Raiders

Odds: (+3500)

Josh Jacobs is a free agent, but it would be borderline malpractice for the Las Vegas Raiders to let Jacobs walk and then use the seventh pick on a new running back.

Pick 8: Atlanta Falcons

Odds: (+750)

The Atlanta Falcons need a new future at quarterback and considerable help on defense. However, adding Robinson to a group that includes Drake London and Kyle Pitts would give them one of the league’s best young trios of skill position players. Additionally, Arthur Smith leaned heavily on the run last year, just as he did when he was the Titans’ offensive coordinator. If the quarterbacks Atlanta likes are gone, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Smith got a new headliner for his backfield.

Pick 9: Carolina Panthers

Odds: (+2000)

The Carolina Panthers are in a similar position to the Falcons roster-wise. They need a new future at quarterback, and they don’t have a championship-caliber supporting cast. A big difference between the two landing spots is Smith’s offense is more run-centric than Frank Reich’s. That said, Reich had Taylor in Indianapolis, so we shouldn’t completely rule out Carolina in the Robinson sweepstakes.

Pick 10: Philadelphia Eagles

Odds: (+275)

This would be one of, if not the best, landing spot for Robinson. That said, it would be a genuine surprise if the Philadelphia Eagles spent the 10th pick on a running back.

Pick 11: Tennessee Titans

Odds: (+7500)

The Tennessee Titans have a ton of holes on their roster and they still have Derrick Henry.

Pick 12: Houston Texans

Odds: (+2800)

Assuming the Texans draft a quarterback with their first pick, it would make sense to use this selection on a difference-making skill position player. This wide receiver draft class is weaker than last year’s. Houston could decide Robinson is the biggest difference maker they can get for their new quarterback. 

Pick 13: New York Jets

Odds: (+5000)

The New York Jets have 2022 draft pick Breece Hall, so they don’t have a need at the running back position.

Pick 14: New England Patriots

Odds: (+2500)

The New England Patriots haven’t taken a running back in the first round since 2006. Rhamondre Stevenson was productive last season, and the Patriots could use upgrades at multiple positions. We shouldn’t rule them out, but they probably shouldn’t take a running back here.

Pick 15: Green Bay Packers

Odds: (+10000):

The Green Bay Packers are bringing back Aaron Jones, and they still have A.J. Dillon. Running back isn’t a need for them.

Pick 16: Washington Commanders

Odds: (+5000)

No one could have really hoped for much more out of Brian Robinson last season. That said, if Robinson is still available, the Washington Commanders will at least consider taking him. I’d set Washington’s odds closer to +2500 to draft him, personally.

Pick 17: Pittsburgh Steelers

Odds: (+7500)

The Pittsburgh Steelers recently invested a first-round pick in Harris, who is entering his third season.

Pick 18: Detroit Lions

Odds: (+1200)

If Robinson is still available, the Lions could use their second first-round pick to build a monster skill group by selecting the former Longhorn. In general, I would be surprised if Robinson made it past this selection.

Pick 19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds: (+2000)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in a transitional phase, so it would be unwise for them to select a running back with this pick. 

Pick 20: Seattle Seahawks

Odds: (+7500)

I don’t expect Seattle to use either of their first-round picks on a running back.

Pick 21: Los Angeles Chargers

Odds: (+4000)

Austin Ekeler has been great the past two seasons, but he’ll turn 28 in May. I don’t think Robinson ends up with the Los Angeles Chargers, in part because I don’t think he’ll still be available, but I won’t rule them out.

Pick 22: Baltimore Ravens

Odds: (+1200)

The Baltimore Ravens haven’t taken a running back in the first round since 2000. From a pure football perspective, it would be fascinating to see Robinson and Lamar Jackson on the same team. From a team-building perspective, I’d be a little surprised if Baltimore took a running back in the first round.

Pick 23: Minnesota Vikings

Odds: (+2000)

The Minnesota Vikings are in a similar position to the Chargers in the Robinson sweepstakes. If he’s there, they have to at least think about it with Dalvin Cook turning 28 this summer.

Pick 24: Jacksonville Jaguars

Odds: (+4500)

The Jacksonville Jaguars have Etienne, so they don’t have a real need at the position.

Pick 25: New York Giants

Odds: (+5000)

It would be bizarre if the New York Giants let Barkley walk to then draft Robinson. Especially when you consider how many below-average position groups the Giants still have.

Pick 26: Dallas Cowboys

Odds: (+500)

The Dallas Cowboys are a semi-contender for Robinson with Elliott in decline and Tony Pollard hitting free agency (with a major leg injury). “Jerry Jones drafts superstar Longhorn running back” certainly sounds like a potential late-April headline.

Pick 27: Buffalo Bills

Odds: (+400)

If Robinson is still available at this point, it would be fairly shocking if he made it past the Buffalo Bills.

Pick 28: Cincinnati Bengals

Odds: (+2000)

The chances of Robinson being available here are slim, but the Cincinnati Bengals would be among his ideal potential landing spots.

Pick 29: New Orleans Saints

Odds: (+3000)

The New Orleans Saints have bigger needs than running back, and Robinson will likely be gone by this point.

Pick 30: Philadelphia Eagles

Odds: (+275)

It’s not likely the Eagles spend the 10th overall pick on a running back. But I think they would use the 31st pick on Robinson if he’s somehow still available.

Pick 31: Kansas City Chiefs

Odds: (+1500)

If Robinson is still available, I can’t see the Kansas City Chiefs passing on him.


Teams with No First Round Pick

Miami Dolphins

Odds: (+2500)

The Miami Dolphins would be a fascinating landing spot for Robinson, but they’d likely have to move into the middle of the first round to get him, and I don’t see that happening. 

Los Angeles Rams

Odds: (+4000)

The Los Angeles Rams have too many holes on their roster to trade up for a running back. 

Denver Broncos

Odds: (+7500)

Robinson would be a good fit in Sean Payton’s offense, but the Denver Broncos aren’t in a great position to acquire him.  

San Francisco 49ers

Odds: (+7500)

The San Francisco 49ers have McCaffrey and no first-round pick. There’s close to no chance Robinson ends up here. 

Cleveland Browns

Odds: (+10000)

The presence of Nick Chubb and no first-round pick make the Cleveland Browns one of Robinson’s most unlikely destinations. 


My Favorite Options in this Market

Houston Texans

Houston has the draft capital to pair Robinson with its first-round quarterback. Pairing their new quarterback with the player many think is the best skill position asset in the draft isn’t unreasonable. Dameon Pierce had a good rookie year, but I’m not sure he’s a real deterrent to making this decision. I’d set the Texans at +800 in this market if I was an oddsmaker. Right now, the Texans are the only team I’m considering a bet on in this market.

Detroit Lions

The Lions might be the favorite in this market if they didn’t have Swift. Detroit’s two first-round picks bookend the range Robinson will likely be selected in.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons want a quarterback in this draft, but what do they do if they don’t get one? The answer might be drafting Robinson.

Washington Commanders

I’d have Washington at +2500 in this market.

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NFL Offseason Fixer-Uppers: How Falcons Can Improve in 2023

In an ongoing offseason series, experts from The 33rd Team offer three things each team can do to improve in 2023. 


Here is my list of three things that would improve the Atlanta Falcons

3 Ways to Improve Falcons

1. Add Impact Edge Rusher

I’m going to start on the defensive line. You’ve got Grady Jarrett, a tremendous inside player who can create interior push. They’ve got to go out and get some pressure off the edge of the defense because the Falcons’ 21 sacks were the second-fewest during the 2022 season. There are going to be some guys that will be available in free agency. 

Guys like Yannick Ngakoue and Jadeveon Clowney will be available. They need to go out and get a player like that to try and shore things up and try to create a little more edge pressure. That could go a long way to improving a defense that during the past three years, even with Dean Pees being a great defensive coordinator, didn’t perform at a high level. The Falcons allowed the 27th-most yards per game (362.1).

They brought in Ryan Nielsen from the New Orleans Saints as the new defensive coordinator. Obviously, he has a lot of experience coaching in the division. He will bring a more aggressive scheme, but more importantly, they will need some edge players. 

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2. Address Safety Position

They’re going to need some help at the safety spot. When you go out and look at the market for safeties this year an obvious place to start is the Cincinnati Bengals. They have to keep some money for extending players on their offense, like quarterback Joe Burrow and wide receiver Tee Higgins

Safeties Jessie Bates and Vonn Bell are two names that can be in the mix for the Falcons because of the cap space they have (more than $55 million, according to Over The Cap). The Falcons might be looking at one or both of those names to bolster the secondary. 

Atlanta Falcons Drake London Kyle Pitts

3. Create Pass-Catching Depth

They’ve got the running game, and they might want to add some depth there, but more importantly, they should add some depth to their pass-catching group. They’ve got receiver Drake London and tight end Kyle Pitts, but they must add another name to the list. 

What makes this so good for the Falcons is they’ve got what I believe is the answer at quarterback in Desmond Ridder. They have two big, versatile weapons in London and Pitts, but they have to add another player out there on the outside. It could stretch defenses a little bit more and add versatility to keep teams from loading up the box against Arthur Smith and his run-heavy offense. 

Robert Smith is a former NFL running back for the Minnesota Vikings and a two-time Pro Bowler. His career with the Vikings earned him a spot on the 50 Greatest Vikings list. Follow him on Twitter at @Robert26Smith.

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Way-Too-Early NFL Quarterback Rankings for 2023

Former NFL quarterback Matt Cassel provides his way-too-early 2023 QB rankings. All stats are from the 2022 regular season. 

  1. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

QB Record: 14-3 | QBR: 77.6 | Passing TDs: 41 | Passing Yards: 5,250

Comment: MVP, check. Super Bowl MVP, check. One of the gutsiest Super Bowl performances ever, check. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes remains on top of the mountain until someone can knock him off next season.

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  2. Jalen Hurts, Eagles

QB Record: 14-1 | QBR: 66.4 | Passing TDs: 22 | Passing Yards: 3,701

Comment: Jalen Hurts made a big jump up my rankings with his consistent, dynamic playoff performances culminating with a historic Super Bowl showing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Hurts heads into next season with one of the best chances to become No. 1 on this list.

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  3. Joe Burrow, Bengals

QB Record: 12-4 | QBR: 58.7 | Passing TDs: 35 | Passing Yards: 4,475

Comment: During the past two seasons, Joe Burrow has been as cool and consistent as any quarterback in the league, including the two guys above him on this list. Burrow led the Cincinnati Bengals to the AFC Championship Game one season after making the Super Bowl. There’s an argument right now these three guys are 1A, 1B, and 1C rather than one through three.

  4. Josh Allen, Bills

QB Record: 13-3 | QBR: 71.4 | Passing TDs: 35 | Passing Yards: 4,283

Comment: Josh Allen peaked at No. 1 on our list mid-season, but the turnovers late in the year dropped him down a bit. That said, don’t count this guy and the Buffalo Bills out. He is huge, athletic, and has a cannon. Now, more than ever, he might have the biggest chip on his shoulder of any quarterback on this list.

  5. Justin Herbert, Chargers

QB Record: 10-7 | QBR: 58.3 | Passing TDs: 25 | Passing Yards: 4,739

Comment: You might have forgotten by now how Justin Herbert‘s Los Angeles Chargers blew a 27-point lead against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round of the playoffs, but I’m certain Herbert hasn’t. I’m looking forward to seeing if a new offensive coordinator — Kellen Moore — can help Herbert crack into the elite tier of NFL quarterbacks.

  6. Lamar Jackson, Ravens

QB Record: 8-4 | QBR: 59.1 | Passing TDs: 17 | Passing Yards: 2,242

Comment: If you forgot about the Chargers’ loss in the playoffs, then you also could have forgotten how dynamic a healthy Lamar Jackson can be in the Baltimore Ravens’ lineup. I expect Jackson to be healthy next season after not playing much in the back half of 2022. I’m looking forward to seeing what type of weapons he’ll have at his disposal — and where he’ll be using them.

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  7. Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars

QB Record: 9-8 | QBR: 54.5 | Passing TDs: 25 | Passing Yards: 4,113

Comment: Only three quarterbacks last year threw for at least 25 touchdowns and ran for at least five more: Allen, Burrow … and this guy. Trevor Lawrence‘s amazing comeback win against the Chargers showed me he’s on pace to be yet another young, talented, superstar quarterback.  The future of the position is bright when this guy is only ranked seventh on my list.

  8. Aaron Rodgers, Packers

QB Record: 8-9 | QBR: 39.3 | Passing TDs: 26 | Passing Yards: 3,695

Comment: It’s like Groundhog Day right now. When will Aaron Rodgers reveal himself from his cave, and what will the news be when he comes out? But seriously folks, without knowing if he’ll end up with the Green Bay Packers or another team, it’s tough to quantify his ranking. We do know the New York Jets have reached out already. If he winds up in the right spot, expect to see one of the greatest ever challenge the guys above him on this list for the top spot.

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  9. Dak Prescott, Cowboys

QB Record: 8-4 | QBR: 57.9 | Passing TDs: 23 | Passing Yards: 2,860

Comment: What a roller-coaster season for Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. Prescott played well when he returned from his Week 1 injury, but obviously, they fell short of the NFC Championship again. I’m intrigued to see what happens when Mike McCarthy replaces Moore as the primary play-caller.  It could mean big things for Prescott and the entire offense in Dallas.

  10. Geno Smith, Seahawks

QB Record: 9-8 | QBR: 60.8 | Passing TDs: 30 | Passing Yards: 4,282

Comment: Geno Smith and the Seattle Seahawks had a strong first half of the season followed by a bit of a dip in the second half of the season. But overall, Smith proved he absolutely can be a starting NFL quarterback. Perhaps having that pressure off heading into this year’s camp will allow even more growth for one of the feel-good quarterback stories of the year.

  11. Kirk Cousins, Vikings

QB Record: 13-4 | QBR: 49.9 | Passing TDs: 29 | Passing Yards: 4,547

Comment: It’s that time of year again when Minnesota Vikings fans ask if Kirk Cousins is their quarterback or if it’s time to move on. I argue the Vikings would not have had nearly as much success as they did last season without the veteran slinging it all over the field. Clearly, he knows how to get his wide receivers the ball, including one of the best in the game — Offensive Player of the Year Justin Jefferson.

  12. Jared Goff, Lions

QB Record: 9-8 | QBR: 61.1 | Passing TDs: 29 | Passing Yards: 4,438

Comment: Give me a rival team hoping to see the Detroit Lions sneak into the playoffs last year, and I’ll give you a firm handshake. All Jared Goff did in the second half of the season was lead one of the most dynamic teams in the league just short of the playoffs. They clearly found their groove and with the sixth pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, Goff and the Lions may be one of the scariest opponents on any team’s schedule in 2023.

  13. Justin Fields, Bears

QB Record: 3-12 | QBR: 54 | Passing TDs: 17 | Passing Yards: 2,242

Comment: Will Justin Fields be the Chicago Bears‘ franchise quarterback? Or will he be looking for that title in another uniform? Either way, no quarterback was more dynamic with his feet in 2022. Fields finished with 1,143 yards rushing and eight rushing touchdowns in 2023.

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  14. Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins

QB Record: 8-5 | QBR: 68.8 | Passing TDs: 25 | Passing Yards: 3,548

Comment: We saw flashes of the greatness Tua Tagovailoa has inside him early in the season. His injuries, especially the concussions, are concerning. I’m hoping to see a healthy Tagovailoa show us his full potential next year for the Miami Dolphins.

15. Derek Carr, Free Agent

QB Record: 6-9 | QBR: 55.6 | Passing TDs: 24 | Passing Yards: 3,522

Comment: If Rodgers is the most prized potential addition for teams in need of a new quarterback, then Derek Carr is probably the second. Arguably one of the most durable signal-callers on our list, Carr is a veteran who can still sling it. He may end up being the most important signing all offseason.

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  16. Daniel Jones, Giants

QB Record: 9-6-1 | QBR: 60.8 | Passing TDs: 15 | Passing Yards: 3,205

Comment: Daniel Jones proved he can play. Now the New York Giants may have to prove they can pay.  Jones is one of the more underrated arms in the league. He is accurate, and he has arm strength that doesn’t get talked about enough. He’s also become a hybrid pocket-running passer like we’re seeing more and more in the league right now. The future is bright for Jones.

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  17. Brock Purdy, 49ers

QB Record: 5-0 | QBR: 65.6 | Passing TDs: 13 | Passing Yards: 1,374

Comment: I absolutely hated seeing him get hurt in the playoffs. But as much of a disappointment as the end of the season was for Brock Purdy, he went from third string to third in the Rookie of the Year voting, helping the San Francisco 49ers remain a legit Super Bowl contender. There are no more questions he needs to answer. He can play in the NFL. Now, we’ll see if he can get healthy and add more chapters to that Cinderella story.

  18. Kyler Murray, Cardinals

QB Record: 3-8 | QBR: 51.7 | Passing TDs: 14 | Passing Yards: 2,368

Comment: The 2022 season was a nightmare for the dynamic talent, who threw just 14 touchdown passes vs. seven interceptions. Kyler Murray also suffered a torn ACL in Week 14, forcing his season to end early. But the Arizona Cardinals wouldn’t have given him that long-contract extension last offseason if they felt like he couldn’t return from adversity. We’ll see soon enough if that decision pays off.

  19. Matthew Stafford, Rams

QB Record: 3-6 | QBR: 50.3 | Passing TDs: 10 | Passing Yards: 2,087

Comment: This was a down year for both Matthew Stafford and his squad. However, coach Sean McVay decided to come back and right the ship in 2023. There’s no doubt Stafford has the skillset and the pedigree to captain it. Stafford has been doubted in the past and has always shut down the haters. He’s a Super Bowl champion, and you can’t bet against that.

  20. Ryan Tannehill, Titans

QB Record: 6-6 | QBR: 49.1 | Passing TDs: 13 | Passing Yards: 2,536

Comment: Losing A.J. Brown hurt. I can only imagine having to watch my former best receiver help his new team to a Super Bowl as Brown did for the Eagles. That said, Ryan Tannehill has gotten himself off the ground throughout his college and NFL careers, and I wouldn’t doubt he has something to prove heading into next season.

21. Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers

QB Record: 7-3 | QBR: 54.3 | Passing TDs: 16 | Passing Yards: 2,437

Comment: Jimmy Garoppolo is still technically on the 49ers, but they’ve already said he won’t be back next season. Last season was certainly an interesting one for Garoppolo. He was the backup, then the starter before eventually landing on IR. Then, he watched his backup become a star. Garoppolo may miss that dynamic 49ers offense, but he could use a fresh start somewhere else.

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  22. Andy Dalton, Saints

QB Record: 6-8 | QBR: 50.7 | Passing TDs: 18 | Passing Yards: 2,871

Comment: To a degree, Andy Dalton righted the ship in New Orleans during a funky year for the Saints. He’s a veteran who has been on both sides of the mountain and is battle-tested. His story isn’t fully written yet, especially if he ends up on a different team this offseason.

  23. Russell Wilson, Broncos

QB Record: 4-11 | QBR: 37.0 | Passing TDs: 16 | Passing Yards: 3,524

Comment: No need to sugarcoat it. It was an awful, nightmare, horrible season for Russell Wilson. I’m sure he’d be the first one to admit that. But now, with Sean Peyton at the helm, there are reasons for optimism in Denver for the first time since about Week 4 of last year. Wilson is low on this list because he has a lot to prove next season.

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  24. Deshaun Watson, Browns

QB Record: 3-3 | QBR: 38.3 | Passing TDs: 7 | Passing Yards: 1,102

Comment: Speaking strictly about on-field play, Deshaun Watson still has a lot to prove to the city of Cleveland on whether or not that guaranteed contract was worth the money and the years. He played in six games and threw seven touchdowns and five interceptions. That means Watson will need to boom next season to avoid a historic bust tag.

  25. Mac Jones, Patriots

QB Record: 6-8 | QBR: 36.2 | Passing TDs: 14 | Passing Yards: 2,997

Comment: There were a lot of ups and downs for Mac Jones this past season. I’m still unsure of what type of quarterback he can be. But we will certainly find out with new offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien returning to the New England Patriots this season.

26. Jacoby Brissett, Browns

QB Record: 4-7 | QBR: 60 | Passing TDs: 12 | Passing Yards: 2,608

Comment: Jacoby Brissett was thrust into a tough situation in Cleveland and showed a little fear early with some big turnovers. But in his final five starts, he threw just one pick. Brissett proved he can play quarterback elsewhere in the NFL next season.

  27. Kenny Pickett, Steelers

QB Record: 7-5 | QBR: 51.5 | Passing TDs: 7 | Passing Yards: 2,404

Comment: Kenny Pickett needs to limit mistakes, stay on the field and show some consistency. Throwing game-winning touchdowns with less than a minute left in consecutive games might be a glimpse into Pickett’s moxie. He’s going to need it to carry the weight of one of the league’s most historic franchises on his back.

28. Baker Mayfield, Rams

QB Record: 2-8 | QBR: 24.5 | Passing TDs: 10 | Passing Yards: 2,163

Comment: Do you know how hard it is to join a team, learn a new playbook a few hours later, and then lead a team to a comeback win against the Raiders on Thursday Night Football? I’ll tell you … it’s hard. Baker Mayfield did that. He also proved what he needed to prove in 2022 – that he can be an NFL QB. Given the Rams’ cap situation, it’ll just likely happen with a different team in 2023.

  29. Davis Mills, Texans

QB Record: 3-10-1 | QBR: 33.1 | Passing TDs: 17 | Passing Yards: 3,118

Comment: It’s hard to quantify what Davis Mills can accomplish as a quarterback. Can he be a starter? I need to see more reps before I make that claim. Mills might not get that chance with the Houston Texans this season because they’re likely to use the second-overall pick on a new quarterback.

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  30. Sam Darnold, Panthers

QB Record: 4-2 | QBR: 48.3 | Passing TDs: 7 | Passing Yards: 1,143

Comment: The jury is still out on this one-time top prospect. However, 2023 may be the year we reach a verdict on whether Sam Darnold is a starter. Will it be in Carolina? That remains to be seen. The Panthers seem poised to select a quarterback in the first round, but Darnold could stick around as a bridge option.

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  31. Mike White, Jets

QB Record: 1-3 | QBR: 37 | Passing TDs: 3 | Passing Yards: 1,192

Comment: At one point in the season, Jets fans were rocking “White Knight” T-shirts. Players seem to love playing with Mike White, but he needs to show some more consistent results to move up these rankings.

  32. Desmond Ridder, Falcons

QB Record: 2-2 | QBR: 49.8 | Passing TDs: 2 | Passing Yards: 708

Comment: The jury is still out, but Desmond Ridder gets the nod as my 32nd-best quarterback over guys like Trey Lance and Jordan Love because, of the three, he at least started the final three games of the season. All three walk into 2023 with huge question marks surrounding their games and futures.

Matt Cassel is a former NFL quarterback who played with seven teams in his NFL career, most notably the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, and Dallas Cowboys. Follow him on Twitter at @M_Cassel16.


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