Is Justin Herbert the Next Tom Brady?

In the video above, veteran NFL Head Coach and Coordinator Mike Martz explains why he thinks Justin Herbert is the kind of player that only comes around once every 50 years. Coach Martz breaks down the tools he looks for in a great quarterback and tells us why the Los Angeles Chargers QB is different from just about everyone. Plus, find out what’s got Coach Martz comparing Herbert to legends like Tom Brady and Kurt Warner.


Mike Martz on Matthew Stafford injury

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay and Quarterback Matthew Stafford have expressed confidence in their approach to managing Stafford’ elbow injury throughout the offseason

One Super Bowl winning coach doesn’t share their optimism. Former Rams’ Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz says what the Rams are talking about now with Stafford’s elbow would “scare the heck out of me”.

In the video above, Martz details why he’s concerned about Stafford’s injury lasting as long as it has, how he and his coaching staff with the Rams handled managing throwing in camp, and offered some thoughts on Rams’ backup quarterback John Wolford, who he scouted while he was in the AAF.