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Josh Allen Leads List of Top 5 Fantasy QBs

Here are my top five fantasy quarterbacks. Now, before everybody goes into a frenzy when you hear this list, these are not my top five NFL quarterbacks. This is fantasy, and fantasy is very different. When you’re judging fantasy, there are a lot of other elements that tie into a top fantasy quarterback.

With that said, here we go: My top five fantasy quarterbacks for 2022:

1. Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

The reason why Josh Allen is my No. 1 is because he’s going to throw the ball around the field, he’s mobile, and he’s going to get the ball to his receivers on short and long routes. He can scramble. In the red zone, you have to as a defense be mindful of him running the ball into the end zone. And he can run it from out of the red zone, too.

2. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

He can run, and obviously he’s one of the best off-script quarterbacks in the NFL in getting the ball to his receivers and allow them to make big and special plays. He’s Patrick Mahomes. He’s throwing behind his back, he’s throwing left-handed. He’s Patrick Mahomes.

3. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

A couple of things with Lamar: Everybody says he doesn’t have a whole lot of weapons in receivers. Yeah, but he has pass-catchers. Mark Andrews is going to be a huge beneficiary and has always been. And Rashod Bateman will be huge for Lamar as well. He can also score from anywhere on the field because of his running ability.

4. Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert is a special talent. He can throw the ball from end zone to end zone — 65,70 yards in the air, on a dime. You can’t teach that, but for fantasy, I’ll take that.

5. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

The rushing element with Jalen is huge. He now has DeVonta Smith and A.J. Brown. Hurts has already built a rapport with Brown, a guy he wants to see succeed. There are big things in store for not only A.J. Brown but Jalen Hurts.


Bill Cowher Reacts to Derwin James’ Contract Extension

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Chargers agreed to a 4 year $76.4 million extension with safety Derwin James. In the video above, Bill Cowher evaluates James and the Chargers’ defense.

The Hall of Fame coach addresses the Chargers’ off-season defensive acquisitions of cornerback J.C. Jackson and linebacker Khalil Mack. He also evaluates what James brings to Los Angeles’ defense, highlighting the safety’s versatility when lined up in the box and in coverage.

“We talked about Micah Parsons and what he can do in the front seven. Derwin James is kind of like that on the back end,” said Cowher, who expects the Chargers to have a formidable defense this season, and for Justin Herbert to continue to lead the offense at a high level.


Is Chargers QB Justin Herbert the Next Tom Brady?

In the video above, veteran coach and offensive coordinator Mike Martz explains why he thinks Justin Herbert is the kind of player that only comes around once every 50 years. Martz breaks down the tools he looks for in a great quarterback and tells us why the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback is different from just about everyone other QB in the league. Plus, find out what’s got Martz comparing Herbert to legends like Tom Brady and Kurt Warner.

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