Subscriber Exclusive: Streaming Defenses and Kickers – Week 12

As our subscribers, we want to give you a leg up on your competition by giving you the best information, and your streams are no different. Coming off a solid week of picks last week, I’m aiming even higher this week. Continue reading for my picks for the best streaming options for Week 12…


Chicago Bears (@ DET)

Two words: Tim Boyle. Since Jared Goff may return, I’ll actually give you more than just two words because this should be your primary target either way. If Boyle starts, you have a QB who has had more INTs than TDs at three different levels: FCS, FBS, and NFL. If Goff returns, you have a QB playing at likely less than 100% in an offense that was still one of the six best matchups for a fantasy QB before his injury. And I haven’t even mentioned the Bears defense yet, or the fact that they have 24 points over the last two games. Add the Bears defense, I know I will.


Robbie Gould (vs. MIN)

Gould has 23 points over the last two weeks and is a good kicker, but this is just as much about the matchup. Minnesota has allowed the sixth most field goal attempts per game this season, meaning you should expect good opportunity for Gould, and he didn’t get the nickname “Good as Gould” for nothing. When he gets a chance, he tends to convert on it, so Gould should be a great option for this week and my favorite streamable one.