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Seattle Seahawks Have the NFL's Best Discipline Index Going Into Week 7

As we noted earlier this week, the Discipline Index – the 33rd Team’s formula for ranking an NFL team’s ability to minimize mistakes -- wasn’t a perfect predictor of success in Week 6, when the Packers (who had the best DI) lost badly to the Buccaneers (who were last in DI). Green Bay had two turnovers against the Bucs after having no turnovers in its first four games, so obviously that was a big part of the story.

The turnovers and key penalties knocked the Packers from the top spot in this week’s Discipline Index, though they are still second.

Here are some interesting takeaways from the current DI rankings:

    • The top five teams in this week’s Discipline Index have a combined record of 19-8. That includes the Texans at 1-4. Houston’s solid Discipline Index combined with a very tough early schedule would indicate they are much better than their record suggests.
      • The three remaining unbeaten teams – Seahawks, Titans and Steelers – are all in the top 9.
        • The Texans are one of four sub-.500 teams in the top 10. If these teams aren’t necessarily beating themselves with penalties and turnovers, their coaches must find other areas to improve.
          • The Patriots (2-3) are sixth in Discipline Index, mainly because they are by far the least penalized team in the NFL this season. The problem is turnovers – the only team that averages more turnovers per game is Dallas, which ranks last in DI.
            • Despite a 3-2 record, the Saints rank 29th. Simple reason for that: They give up almost 100 yards per game in penalty yards, by far the most in the league.

Here are the complete Discipline Index rankings going into Week 7: