Program Overview

  • Dedicated to creating internship opportunities for a diverse group of passionate and hungry students, both in race and gender.
  • Preliminary agreements with the University of Michigan Football to work with former players and Howard University to enroll current Sports Management students.
  • Weekly meetings to learn scouting, coaching, salary cap management, and front office decision making from The 33rd Team’s advisors who have 520+ years of combined NFL experience.
  • Work experience will include projects similar to those created at a team using data and partnering with 33rd Team experts.

Previous Successes

  • In 2020, 8 students (male and female) were
    placed in the NFL.
  • Over the last year we have added interns to our
    program from many of the top schools in the
    country including Tulane Law School and

Program Goal

By the end of this program, the interns will receive a certificate of completion from The 33rd Team in football development and analytics. Pairing these two aspects of football will position these students as invaluable resources and contributors to Power 5 football teams as well as NFL franchises.

About The 33rd Team

The 33rd team is a football Think Tank. Providing first hand insight and knowledge unavailable anywhere else, The 33rd Team transcends traditional football analysis and offers a behind-the-scenes perspective into the latest news and analysis as well as life in the NFL on and off the field.

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