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Las Vegas Raiders Plummet 14 Spots in This Week's Discipline Index

Remember back in the day when the Raiders were always the most penalized team in the NFL? If we had something like the Discipline Index back then, the Raiders would always be near the bottom of the pack.

But the Las Vegas Raiders have been a fairly disciplined bunch -- until now.

The Discipline Index combines penalties, penalty yards and turnovers to show which teams are making the fewest mistakes. As recently as last week, the Raiders were ranked No. 7 in the Discipline Index. But after committing 11 penalties for 141 yards and turning the ball over five times in their loss to Atlanta, the Raiders plummeted 14 spots to 21st.

Las Vegas wasn't the only AFC playoff contender to drop in the rankings. The Buffalo Bills dropped four spots and are now dead last in the Discipline Index. The Bills lead the league in most penalties and penalty yards per game, while averaging 1.5 turnovers per game.

The two teams that made the biggest jump this week were NFC East "frontrunners" New York and Washington. Both moved up five spots -- the Giants to 11th and the Football Team to 14th.

Here’s are the complete Discipline Index rankings: