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Inside The War Room: The Story Behind Drafting Laremy Tunsil

NFL Executive Mike Tannenbaum describes the process and story behind drafting offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil to the Miami Dolphins.

Tunsil was one of the consensus top players on the board leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft. That was, until a video came out right before the start of the draft showing Tunsil in a gas mask and smoking a substance out of a bong. Tunsil's social media accounts had been hacked at the worst possible moment and teams were left scrambling.

The Dolphins, meanwhile already had a really good left tackle in Brandon Albert, but Tunsil was the top player on their board.

"Be prepared, you don't know what's gonna happen," said Tannenbaum. "We fell back on our process and knew he was going to be a really good person and a really good player."