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If Super Bowl MVP Isn't Brady or Mahomes, Here Are the Top Candidates

Quarterbacks get all the attention in the Super Bowl no matter who’s playing. So when the matchup is Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady, as it is when the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet on Sunday in Super Bowl LV, well, the hype is fully warranted.

But since Super Bowl hype week is all about speculation, let’s consider this scenario: If a player other than Mahomes or Brady were to be named Super Bowl LV MVP, who might that be?

We posed that question to the 33rd Team’s content contributors and front-office personnel and came up with eight candidates. The player who received the most votes:

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce

Here’s a rundown of the eight players mentioned (votes in parentheses), with some accompanying comments from the voters:

Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs (5 votes)

Kelce has continued his regular-season dominance into the postseason. In two playoff games, he's had a combined 21 receptions for 227 yards and 3 touchdowns. Tampa Bay has allowed the seventh-most receptions to tight ends this season and only seven teams have allowed more touchdowns to the position. Kelce has continued to be Mahomes' go-to target in key situations and he will continue to dominate in the Super Bowl and has the potential to have one of the most impactful games of his career.

There’s also the belief that Kelce will benefit from the fact that Tyreek hill had 269 yards and 3 TDs in the Week 12 game against Tampa Bay. While the Bucs focus on stopping Hill, Kelce will be dangerous if he gets single coverage.

Tyreek Hill, WR, Chiefs (4)

As previously mentioned, Hill had 269 yards and 3 TDs in his last game against the Bucs. He had 203 yards in the first quarter alone.

Shaq Barrett, DE, Buccaneers (3)

Quote of note: “With K.C.'s offensive line issues, Barrett is being talked about to have a big game. A few visible sacks, maybe with a forced fumble or even a score, could vault him over Brady if the Buccaneers decide to emphasize the run game more than in the previous meeting.”

Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, Buccaneers (1)

Quote of note: "It’s tough to win a Super Bowl with backup offensive tackles. That’s why both edge rushers are possible MVPs.”

Antonio Brown, WR, Buccaneers (1)

Quote of note: “Antonio Brown wins Super Bowl MVP due to the fact that Brady has always gone to his slot receivers in critical situations, especially in the last handful of Super Bowls he has been in. With the Chiefs focusing all of their energy on Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, it is certainly possible that Antonio Brown is able to steal the show. What a turn of events this would be for AB!”

Lavonte David, LB, Buccaneers (1)

It’s been a breakout season for David and he’s really made a name for himself this postseason.

Leonard Fournette, RB, Buccaneers (1)

Quote of note: “Maybe Playoff Lenny will break a few big runs to seal the game.”

Rob Gronkoski, TE, Buccaneers (1)

Quote of note: “Gronkowski’s only 100-yard game this season was against the Chiefs. Brady still looks for Gronk in key situations. And with all they’ve been through together, would you be surprised if Brady makes a concerted effort to get Gronk an MVP?”