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Fantasy Football: Streaming Defenses and Kickers – Week 15

Week 15: Streaming Defenses and Kickers

It’s Playoff Time in all leagues, though some may have started last week. Do you really want to be the one knocked out because you didn’t put effort into choosing your defense and kicker and they did nothing? If not, you’ve come to the right place. Below I will break down your best matchups for streaming for Week 15 at both defense and kicker and the reasons why I feel they are great options.


Philadelphia Eagles (vs. WSH)

The Eagles defense returns from a bye that they entered with 54 points over their last six games and emerge from it with a great run of games, with two games against Washington only separated by a home game against the Giants. Washington has allowed 37 points to opposing defenses over their last three weeks and are an excellent matchup, while the Giants have 35 over the last four, making them another good matchup. Overall, the Eagles defense could very easily get you through the next three weeks with great performances and make a huge difference in your playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings (@ CHI)

Now for a more risky team, as the Vikings defense has really struggled to keep points off the board in recent weeks, but they’ve stayed decent in fantasy. Unlike with the Eagles, this is just a one-week thing, as they play the Rams and Packers after this, but the Bears have been a matchup to exploit all year, and with 24 points in the last two weeks, that still holds true. Expect sacks in bunches given that the Vikings have the most sacks in the NFL and the Bears allow the second most.

Tennessee Titans (@ PIT)

Tennessee came out of the bye with 19 points after entering it quite poorly. Their matchup does get a bit tougher from Jacksonville, but Pittsburgh isn’t exactly one to fear, with 24 points allowed over the last three weeks. If the Titans can play to the level that they did against Jacksonville, you will want to be starting them this week, as sacks and interceptions will be highly likely.


Greg Zuerlein (@ NYG)

Greg Zuerlein returns to this list yet again because, as I mentioned last week, his schedule remains favorable and will continue to next week as well. Zuerlein has now recorded 41 points over the last four weeks and has been a consistently solid start more often than not this year. The Giants defense has been really struggling to keep teams from moving the ball in recent weeks, while the Cowboys have been struggling to convert for TDs, which could mean a big week from Zuerlein.

Randy Bullock (@ PIT)

Randy Bullock also returns on this list, as the most owned kickers have been pretty solidified by this point, and the best alternative options are pretty clear. Bullock missed a field goal against Jacksonville last week that dropped him from a very good start to a decent start. This week’s matchup against Pittsburgh isn’t quite as good as last week’s, but it’s still a solid one against a team that just allowed four field-goal attempts in their last game.

Robbie Gould (vs. ATL)

Robbie Gould has been a very consistently solid kicker for much of his career, and that has continued recently, with 47 points over his last five weeks. Atlanta is a pretty solid matchup for a fantasy kicker, but this is more about the consistency of Gould if you feel that locking in 7-10 points from the kicker position with limited upside is the best, safest option for your first-round matchup.