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Fantasy Football: Streaming Defenses and Kickers – Week 14

Streaming Defenses and Kickers

With playoffs in most leagues starting next week, now is the time to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of every spot on your roster. You don't want to look back with regret at a missed opportunity because you neglected a position you thought was insignificant. Every spot is significant with margins as fine as these. Below I will break down your best matchups for streaming for Week 14 at both defense and kicker and the reasons why I feel they are great options.


Green Bay Packers (vs. CHI)

The Packers defense has been incredibly consistent this season, scoring at least six points in all but two games. This makes them a consistently good option, with the upside to be a great one when they have a favorable matchup like the one they have this upcoming week against Chicago. Andy Dalton threw four interceptions last week against Arizona, so Green Bay has a QB they can take advantage of and get sacks and takeaways off.

Denver Broncos (vs. DET)

A good performance from the Lions offense won’t distract me from the fact they had allowed 40 points over the prior four weeks to opposing fantasy defenses, and they now play a very solid defense in Denver. Denver has only allowed more than 20 points once in their last six games and has 52 fantasy points in that span, one of the best in the league over this time frame. Denver has a takeaway in five straight games and should expect that to continue against a pretty turnover-prone offense.

New Orleans Saints (@ NYJ)

The Jets’ opponent always seems to make this list, as their offense almost always allows the opposing defense to be at least a solid start. The Saints’ defense has been really struggling over the last five weeks, so this start is more questionable than the rest, but the struggles of the Jets offense make this one a logical option if you can’t get the others.


Greg Zuerlein (@ WSH)

Greg Zuerlein was on this list because of his upside if he began to convert on his opportunities, and he did, going for 11 points last week. He stays on the list because he still has that upside if he can keep the efficiency, and he remains available in most leagues. With a good upcoming stretch of games, Zuerlein could be a solid option for you beyond this week as we go into playoffs.

Randy Bullock (vs. JAX)

Randy Bullock entered the bye off a horrendous two-game stretch but had been very solid through the rest of the season. His matchup against Jacksonville is the third-best matchup for a fantasy kicker, so he should be in line for a bounce-back game this week. Bullock has proven to be able to take advantage of opportunities thus far this season, so he simply needs those chances to return.

Dustin Hopkins (vs. NYG)

Dustin Hopkins has been quite consistent since joining the Chargers, putting up right around 10 points most weeks. This comes from having two field goal attempts in four of the last five games, and a continuation of that will allow him to remain a good option to start in your fantasy lineup. Chargers kickers are never easy to trust, but Hopkins has proven reliable thus far.