Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa

Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa

  • Height
  • Hand
    9 5/8
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
    32 5/8
  • Speed
ED Combine Averages
  • Height
  • Hand
    9 3/4
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
    33 1/4
  • Speed
Tolbert Nance - Scout
Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa
  • Overall Rank
  • Position Rank
  • Position
  • Team


Year Games Played Tackles TFL Pressure % Sacks Misc. Stats
2017 13 9 2 0.7% 0 -
2018 2 2 1 0.0% 0 -
2019 12 22 3 10.0% 0.5 1 PD
2020 11 17 6 10.8% 2.5 1 FF
2021 12 25 6 10.4% 2 1 FF, 1 PD


Does he have prototype size? What is body type? What is growth potential?

Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa was an IDL (listed at 282 lbs. for the 2020-2021 season) before converting to DE for the 2021-2022 season due to a new DC and slimming down to 268 lbs. Noted by a Notre Dame website as not having been good at carrying the 285 lb. range efficiently, which led to durability question marks during his career before he decided to change his body, therefore he shouldn't be asked to gain weight to be able to be more of a 3-4 DE. Limited overall size with limited height, average shoulder width, limited arm length, and limited hand size. Top-heavy player narrow hips, hardly any definition in his rear, and a thin thigh build. Due to his inability to add on more weight without creating concerns about injuries along with his limited size/length profile leads to him having a poor frame. After the 2018 season, where he broke his foot and only played in 2 games, he played in nearly every game (will the broken foot be a problem in the future?).

  • Size
  • Length
  • Frame/Durability
Grade 3.7


Is he instinctual? Does he play with urgency?

Myron-Tagovailoa-Amosa has average toughness as he is willing to play with power out of his hands and has hot, light feet that are consistently going. He will, however, lose in the second phase of the snap due to limitations in his athletic traits. However, all this ties into his outstanding effort/motor. He plays hard play-in and play-out with both the Run and Pass game while also showing ability to run and chase in pursuit down the field and be disruptive playing down the LOS. His motor does get him into trouble when asked to Pass Rush because he shows a propensity to run himself too far down the field with limited flexibility to be able to work back toward the ball. Adequate FBIQ/instincts and plays with patience generally as a read player on Option plays while showing willingness to be a contain player. Flashes awareness on Screen passes out of the backfield to not get caught up with eye candy and be able to diagnose the RB in his vicinity looking of the ball. Even so, he shouldn't be asked to play in Coverage toward the flats as an overhang player covering a TE or RB out of the backfield consistently.

  • Toughness
  • Instincts
  • Effort/Motor
Grade 6.0


Does he have the athletic traits you want?

Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa has limited explosiveness and labors in his get off with robotic arm movements off the LOS while showing limited arm/hand strength to consistently strike and play with power out of his hands. Average speed and flashes ability to run and chase in space effectively. Poor body control and can elongate his steps at time and lose his balance, while also showing some waist bending, which will make his body fall forward without him showing ability to control himself. It doesn't help that he generally plays out of control due to his high motor especially in Pass Rush. Poor flexibility/bend with a tight gait and therefore some tightness in his hips/ankles. Should not be counted on consistently as an outside rusher and would work better on cross-face/interior stunts. Limited COD due to ankle stiffs, but he does show ability to square-up and widen his base playing laterally at the POA. Limited play strength due to flashes of ability to strike and extend his arms on blocks without the consistency to think that he can effectively do it at the next level.

  • Explosiveness
  • Speed
  • Body Control
  • Flexibility/Bend
  • Change of Direction
  • Play Strength
Grade 3.8


Does he have a refined skill set? Is he a projection or is his game developed enough to contribute early?

Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa has limited get off/initial burst due to laboring off the LOS while churning butter with his feet (struggling to gain ground in his steps working up field). Poor Pass Rush due to poor flexibility/bend to be able to win as an outside rusher along with limited hand/arm strength to play with power. Flashes heavy handedness and is more so limited because of his poor ability to utilize his lower body as a weapon for power, which means he must win early with his upper body power to be successful. Average POA play because of his effort/motor to be able to be disruptive along with average instincts but doesn’t have the length or size to hold up consistently. Active hands with poor leverage and a limited UOH plan which makes his disengage limited. Average closing speed to the ball. Poor twitch/suddenness and even if he is in the right place for a tackle, he can be beaten with subtle movements by the ball carrier (needs to develop a better approach to tackling in space). Above the line play temperament and does show ability to play with violence and disruptiveness.

  • Get Off/Initial Burst
  • Pass Rush
  • Heavy Handedness
  • Point of Attack
  • Disengage
  • Closing Speed
  • Twitch/Suddenness
  • Play Temperament
Grade 4.5

Grading Scale

  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
    Above the Line
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1


What role does he play? What is his initial projection?
RS SR who has started 33 of 49 career games, including 12 of 12 in 2021 (2021 Phil Steele All-Independent 1st Team, 2021 Nagurski Trophy Watch List, 2021 Wuerffel Trophy Watch List, 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl Watch List, 2021 Polynesian College Player of the Year Watch List). Also has a good leadership profile (2021 Team Captain and 2021 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team Nominee). In 2021, Notre Dame went 11-2 and lost vs. Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl. Shrine Bowl attendee. 3-Star prospect (#472 overall, #18 SDE according to 247 Composite) out of HS (Kapolei HS, HI). Played under HC Brian Kelly (12th season), DC/LB Coach Marcus Freeman (1st season), and DL Coach/Recruiting Coord. /RGC Mike Elston (12th season). Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa projects as a 1st 2 Down, 4-3 DE that nearly strictly plays hand-down 5-Tech. He has limited versatility to play in other defenses due to inability to add weight effectively (wouldn't be beneficial for him to lose weight either) and limited length (couldn’t be a 3-4 DE/OLB nor could he slide to 4-3 IDL). UDFA who will add value initially as a practice squad player. Could survive due to his motor and leadership qualities that he displayed while in college. Concerned about if he really has a role in the NFL long-term.

Film Watched

  • iconBest Game
  • AT Virginia Tech
  • Oct - 09 - 2021
  • High motor / Disruptive / Aggressive splitting gaps / Strong, active hands
  • iconWorst Game
  • AT Florida State
  • Sep - 05 - 2021
  • Struggling to bend edge / Missed tackles / Poor body control
Best Trait
Effort/Motor and Play Temperament
Pro Comparison
JaQuan Bailey (2021 UDFA)