Logan Bruss

Logan Bruss

  • Height
  • Hand
    10 3/4
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
    33 1/8
  • Speed
OG Combine Averages
  • Height
  • Hand
    9 3/4
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
    33 1/4
  • Speed
Nathan Pratt - Scout
Logan Bruss
  • Overall Rank
  • Position Rank
  • Position
  • Team


Year Starts Games Sacks Allowed Hits Allowed Pressures Pressure %
2018 6 13 0 3 7 6.9%
2019 13 13 1 6 16 4.7%
2020 6 6 0 0 4 1.9%
2021 10 10 1 2 10 3.6%


Does he have prototype size? What is body type? What is growth potential?

Adequate Height Weight and Length with a strong sturdy frame that looks maxed out but he could add 5 pounds and still carry it well. Has missed only 3 games in his Wisconsin career and missed 2 of them this year due to a leg injury. Played 665/894 offensive snaps and 13 Special Teams snaps in 2021.

  • Size
  • Length
  • Frame/Durability
Grade 6.7


Is he instinctual? Does he play with urgency?

Plays with an above the line effort and motor and played hard play in and play out, played harder vs the high-profile edge rushers he faced (Hutchinson, Ojabo, Karlaftis, Ebiketie). Looked for work when not matched up against a defender helped his OL. Had a good feel in the run game for where defenders were and could react quickly and pick them up if they aggressively attacked downhill.

  • Toughness
  • Instincts
  • Effort/Motor
Grade 6.7


Does he have the athletic traits you want?

Bruss is an adequate athlete who shows a quick first step and accelerates to a top speed quickly. Although his top end speed is not at the same level it is fast enough to succeed with. Body control is an issue that needs to be resolved as he too often would be seen on the ground too many times due to his tendencies to lean into contact and overextend himself. Plays with a good knee bend and can play with good leverage and pad level consistency with it is the only issue. Play strength was average and rarely would he be seen overpowering defenders and driving them off the ball or generating movement at the LOS.

  • Explosiveness
  • Speed
  • Body Control
  • Flexibility/Bend
  • Change of Direction
  • Play Strength
Grade 5.5


Does he have a refined skill set? Is he a projection or is his game developed enough to contribute early?

Pass Block – Bruss is an adequate pass blocker who displays quick feet that allow him to stay with the faster edge rushers though he needs to improve his hand usage and punch as he normally would get good initial placement but he relies on two hand grabbing far too often, that pass rushers who had a plan were able to swipe his hands out and get into his chest. He also would too often allow the rusher to get into his chest instead of having a punch that could knock them back and allow him to move into getting a hold of them. When bull rushed, he would give up too much ground due to him allowing defenders to get into his chest while also not having the core and leg strength to dig in and hold his ground. This will be a problem when he kicks inside where the rushers are stronger and his anchor will need to be relied on more to maintain a firm pocket. He also was very susceptible to inside rush moves due to his tendency to overset in pass pro combined with his struggles to change direction easily. When not matched up with an edge rusher he would scan for threats and immediately move to help his guard. Run Block – He also is an adequate run blocker who is a good outside/wide zone blocker due to his ability to get out of his stance quickly and reach the inside shoulder of the 3 tech on plays that he was on the backside while also reaching the outside shoulder of 7 techs quickly if he needed to. On duo blocks he would be seen giving solid help to his guard while ensuring the first level was secured before moving to the second level, when at the second level he struggled getting blocks on LBs due to the poor angles he would take to reach them. He also was an adequate puller and was seen consistently hitting his marks quickly. He also lacked a true intensity when blocking and rarely was seen finishing or pancaking defenders.

  • Pass Block
  • Run Block
  • Strike
  • Second Level
  • Pulling/Space Play
  • Anchor
  • Footwork
  • Play Temperament
Grade 5.4

Grading Scale

  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
    Above the Line
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1


What role does he play? What is his initial projection?
Logan Bruss finishes his career at Wisconsin starting in 35 of the 42 games he played in although he did not earn any awards, he still was an extremely durable and reliable linemen for the Badgers throughout his career. Bruss is a day 2 prospect who will bring versatility to an NFL team having played at both tackle and guard throughout his college career although he is more suited to play guard at the next level, he can play tackle for a team in a pinch. He will be best suited for an NFL offense who prioritizes athletic offensive linemen who can get out in space and block and with some refinement to the angles he takes in space he can be a great fit for them. He can be a day 1 starter but would benefit more being the swing guard backup while he develops with an NFL strength program. He eventually can develop into a highly capable guard who can be a reliable solid starter for a team and although he may never reach an All Pro/Pro Bowl level he can be rock solid for a team looking to solidify a guard position on their team.

Film Watched

  • iconBest Game
  • at Rutgers
  • Jan - 01 - 1970
  • Gave up zero pressures and consistently sealed his backside and frontside blocks
  • iconWorst Game
  • vs Michigan
  • Jan - 01 - 1970
  • Got manhandled in pass pro vs Ojabo/Hutchinson giving up 3 pressures at a 10% rate
Best Trait
Athleticism,Foot Quickness in Pass Pro and Bend
Pro Comparison
More athletic Laken Tomlinson