Justyn Ross

Justyn Ross

  • Height
  • Hand
    9 5/8
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
    32 1/8
  • Speed
WR Combine Averages
  • Height
  • Hand
    9 1/2
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
  • Speed
Brian Friedland - Scout
Justyn Ross
  • Overall Rank
  • Position Rank
  • Position
  • Age
    22.5 Years
  • Team


Year Games Played Rec Yards YPC TDs Misc. Stats
2018 15 46 1,000 21.7 9 66.7 YDS/G
2019 14 66 865 13.1 8 61.8 YDS/G
2021 10 46 514 11.2 3 51.4 YDS/G


Does he have prototype size? What is body type? What is growth potential?

Size is above the line at 6-4, 205 lbs. Could stand to put on a little bit of weight in order to match the physicality of defenders. Length is above the line. Frame and durability are both average with Ross needing to fill out more (lanky currently) and having two major injuries during his collegiate career (congenital fusion condition of his neck and spine and stress fracture in his foot).

  • Size
  • Length
  • Frame/Durability
Grade 6.3


Is he instinctual? Does he play with urgency?

Toughness is average as Ross has a tendency to disappear when corners are overly physical with him. Instincts are adequate with flashes of above the line due to Ross's ability to read zone coverages (AT NC State/Q5/14:20). Effort and motor are average with Ross stopping a lot of his routes early and being inconsistent at improvising when his quarterback is in trouble.

  • Toughness
  • Instincts
  • Effort/Motor
Grade 5.3


Does he have the athletic traits you want?

Explosiveness and speed are both adequate with flashes of above the line. Ross has very long legs that help him to cover a lot of ground. Body control is above the line with flashes of outstanding. Can get knocked off his routes by more physical corners (v Boston College/Q1/2:31) but flashes outstanding ability to work back to passes through contact (v Florida State/Q2/5:59). Flexibility and bend are above the line with Ross being able to get low in his stance and make plays on lower passes. Change of direction is adequate but wasn't really on full display during the 2021 season. Play strength is average, but Ross shows an ability to be adequate in this area. He can improve in this area if he adds on more muscle, but his play strength was at its best in the run game compared to when he was running routes.

  • Explosiveness
  • Speed
  • Body Control
  • Flexibility/Bend
  • Change of Direction
  • Play Strength
Grade 6.2


Does he have a refined skill set? Is he a projection or is his game developed enough to contribute early?

Did not return kicks during his time at Clemson, so this does not figure to factor into his play at the next level. Perimeter blocking is above the line with Ross being able to hold more than his own in the run game and on short passes to his teammates. Release is average with Ross having difficulty creating separation against press coverage (v Florida State/Q3/11:08). Suddenness is adequate with Ross showing shiftiness on short passes in the open field. Route running is average with flashes of adequate. Some of this, however, can be attributed to Clemson's offensive scheme where Ross's route tree was not very expansive. There are still times where Ross does not show a lot of aggressiveness on his routes, which goes back to him needing to be more physical (v Georgia/Q2/3:10). Ball skills are adequate with flashes of above the line as Ross shows an ability to make contested catches. Vertical threat ability is adequate with a lot of room to grow in this area. Run after the catch ability is adequate, although Ross does show the ability to make something out of nothing on screen passes.

  • Ball Skills
  • Suddenness
  • Release
  • Route Running
  • Run After Catch
  • Vertical threat
  • Perimeter Blocking
  • Return Ability
Grade 5.8

Grading Scale

  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
    Above the Line
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1


What role does he play? What is his initial projection?
Justyn Ross came to Clemson as a four-star recruit from Central High School. His freshman season, Ross made an immediate impact for the Tigers in their run to a second National Championship in three years as he compiled 46 REC for 1,000 YDS and 9 TDS on top of being named a freshman All-American by 247Sports. In his sophomore campaign, Ross had another solid season for the runner up Tigers as he compiled 66 REC for 865 YDS and 8 TDS in 14 games. Then, adversity struck for Ross as he suffered a congenital fusion condition of his neck and spine that required surgery and forced him to miss the entire 2020 season. After being granted a medical redshirt, Ross came back for the 2021 season where he recorded 46 REC for 514 YDS and 3 TDS; however, Ross was only able to play in ten games as he missed the final three games of the season with a foot injury. Ross is a winning backup/WR3 who wins with his above the line body control, above the line flexibility and bend, and his height and length for the wide receiver position. In order to become a more prominent player in an NFL offense, Ross needs to improve as a route runner, add on more muscle to not only fill out his frame, but also to ward off more physical corners, and he needs to improve his release off of the line, especially with his above the line flexibility and bend.

Film Watched

  • iconBest Game
  • v Florida State
  • Oct - 30 - 2021
  • Displayed an ability to work back to the ball through contact on top of showing shiftiness in space en route to having 5 REC for 75 YDS on the day
  • iconWorst Game
  • v Georgia
  • Sep - 04 - 2021
  • Routes were not particularly sharp and did not match the physicality of Georgia's corners, especially when trying to work back to the ball. Finished the day with 4 REC for 26 YDS
Best Trait
Body Control
Pro Comparison
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