Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis

  • Height
  • Hand
    10 3/4
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
  • Speed
DT Combine Averages
  • Height
  • Hand
  • VJ
  • Weight
  • Arm
  • Speed
Tolbert Nance - Scout
Jordan Davis
  • Overall Rank
  • Position Rank
  • Position
  • Age
    22.4 Years
  • Team


Year Games Played Tackles TFL Pressure % Sacks Misc. Stats
2018 11 25 2 4.7% 1.5 -
2019 14 18 5 4.6% 2.5 -
2020 10 16 1 3.2% 1 -
2021 15 32 6 6.3% 2 1 PD, 1 Rush TD


Does he have prototype size? What is body type? What is growth potential?

Jordan Davis is a gigantic man-child and combine freak who needs up close viewing to fully grasp his size. Unique, rare combination of elite height and outstanding weight for a 3-4 NT with a thick neck, a large, bulging chest, and long, defined arms and shoulders (outstanding functionally, but closer to above the line proportionally at his height). Thick, stocky hips with wide calves that were often covered with compression socks in 2021. Duck-footed. Has room for growth and to create more body definition due to having excess, baby fat on his frame to work with (if necessary). Missed Sugar Bowl in 2018 with a back injury. Hurt left ankle in 2019 but returned for next game. Missed 3 games in 2020 with hyperextended elbow (played with a large brace on right elbow in 2021). Suffered a lower-body injury in 2021 but did not miss time. Question if his body be able to sustain over a long span in the NFL considering diversification of injuries over time and limited playing time (played approx. 46% of the snaps that the player with the most defensive snaps played on Georgia in 2021, Lewis Cine).

  • Size
  • Length
  • Frame/Durability
Grade 8.0


Is he instinctual? Does he play with urgency?

Jordan Davis has average toughness considering his raw athleticism and size and looked sluggish in his general movements and soft with his UOH and strike at times (especially in Pass Rush where, instead of being an initiator, he’d wait with his hands up like he’s about to hug the OL). Flashed significantly more power/effort within him but needs to play with more consistency at the next level. Two-year captain (provide leadership value in practice/weight room/in-game. Average instincts (more of a reactionary player, which works as a 2-Gap player more than 1-Gap). Not an anticipatory rusher but does flash anticipation with backfield movement on Run plays and shows the strength 2-Gap and read and react effectively (aided by his sheer size/width especially in the interior). Will struggle to make stops outside the Box in R/P. Hot and cold effort/motor. Lazy in Pass Rush with UOH and motor and needs to win early to continue working/straining (struggles to redirect or create in 2nd half of the snap and quits quite a bit).

  • Toughness
  • Instincts
  • Effort/Motor
Grade 5.0


Does he have the athletic traits you want?

Jordan Davis has above the line explosiveness. Abnormally wide base out of 4-point stance that allows for good balance but detracts from his explosiveness out of his stance. Hoppy get off from the LOS with elongated, high steps that drive his legs more than his knees but gain ground like a boulder coming downhill. Explosive initially laterally due to duck-footedness. Fast 40 time for his size but doesn’t show enough on film to confirm his football speed matches, therefore average speed. Average body control with adequate ability to anchor but will lose leverage and feet at times (especially on Double Teams). Limited flexibility/bend in his hips and knees with some ankle tightness as well. Shouldn’t be asked to dip underneath and work around OL (bend the corner). Limited COD and redirect and lacks the reactionary athleticism to be able to be effective in the 2nd half of the snap. Above the line play strength that could improve with increased flexibility in hips/knees, lower leverage, and more lower body utilization instead of bench press power.

  • Explosiveness
  • Speed
  • Body Control
  • Flexibility/Bend
  • Change of Direction
  • Play Strength
Grade 5.5


Does he have a refined skill set? Is he a projection or is his game developed enough to contribute early?

Jordan Davis' get off/initial burst is hard to consistently gage considering hot and cold motor and struggles to time up the snap consistently as an anticipatory player off the LOS, but when he gets off the LOS effectively, he can be adequate. Limited in Pass Rush due to limited twitch and suddenness. Flashes above the line heavy handedness, and problems with anchor come more from lack of lower body usage. Above the line in the Box, POA player. Adequate disengage but does get locked onto blocks. Flashes speed and plays down the LOS well enough, but doesn’t show it consistently, therefore he has average closing speed. Plays well with initial play temperament, but falters as the snap progresses unless he wins early. Would like to see him play more violently, therefore he has average temperament.

  • Get Off/Initial Burst
  • Pass Rush
  • Heavy Handedness
  • Point of Attack
  • Disengage
  • Closing Speed
  • Twitch/Suddenness
  • Play Temperament
Grade 5.5

Grading Scale

  • 10
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
    Above the Line
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1


What role does he play? What is his initial projection?
SR who has started 33 of 50 career games, including 14 of 15 in 2021. 3-star HS prospect who converted to DT at Georgia after strictly playing OL in HS. Started 4 games as a FR and made the FWAA Freshman All-American Team. Became a regular starter in 2019 and was named team captain and a 2nd-Team All-American in 2020. Won the Chuck Bednarik Award and Outland Trophy in 2021 as a 1st-Team All-American on a championship-winning team. Played under HC Kirby Smart (6th season), DC Dan Lanning (3rd season), and DL Coach Tray Scott (5th season). Jordan Davis is a high ceiling player with an initial projection as a Role/Situational Starter who could potentially turn into a Good Starter down the line with proper development. He projects best as a 2-down, 2-Gap 0/2i Tech NT in a 3-4 who could also play 1/3 Tech in a 4-3. Leader from a championship program who wins in the Box with his size, length, and width but lacks consistent motor/effort to be as effective as he could be given his combine athleticism and flashes on tape with explosiveness, play strength, and general POA (especially against interior Run). Shouldn’t be asked to play on 3rd down due to inconsistent motor and limited bend/flexibility and COD. Should also be wary of recent injury history (right elbow and lower body specifically) along with general lack of production while at Georgia considering hype.

Film Watched

  • iconBest Game
  • Neutral v Clemson
  • Sep - 04 - 2021
  • 1 Sack / Held Clemson to 3 points / Disruptive in rush / Creating knock back
  • iconWorst Game
  • SEC Championship v Alabama
  • Dec - 04 - 2021
  • Was outclassed by Alabama and put in too many passing down situations
Best Trait
General Size/Width
Pro Comparison