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Coordinator’s Corner: Rams Bunch Formation Versus the Giants

Longtime coordinator and former Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman joins The 33rd Team for another installment of Coordinator’s Corner to break down the Rams bunch formation usage. In this series, Trestman breaks down some of the best plays and designs from the previous football week.

Trestman was the Chicago Bears’ head coach for two seasons before departing. His coaching career has several prominent stops including in the CFL where he was the coach for the Montreal Alouettes. With Montreal, Trestman would coach his way into four Grey Cups and win three of them in the process. Throw into the mix the coaching in both a college National Championship and Super Bowl as well. 

Accordingly, Marc Trestman will look at the Los Angeles Rams matchup against the New York Giants in this video. In this game, there is a play where the Rams utilized a bunch formation against the Giants’ man coverage. The play results in a touchdown between Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp but how did it happen exactly? The two have been having a tremendous season to this point. While their relationship plays a big part, the Rams bunch formation specifically is key. This serves as an example of this staff using unique schemes in different situations to take this team to the next level.

How did this play materialize on a 4th and 1? Why did the Rams use this formation? Allow Trestman and his 39 years of experience working with offenses, and quarterbacks specifically, to explain the game in a way not many can. The relationships he has had with his quarterbacks have been a staple of his career. Now get an inside look at what it is like to be in the film room with him and his players.

This is the Coordinator’s Corner: Rams Bunch Formation Versus the Giants.

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