Michael Vick Picks Philadelphia Eagles to Win NFC East

Editor’s Note: In Week 1 of the preseason, the Philadelphia Eagles fell to the New York Jets, 24-21. In playing just the first series, quarterback Jalen Hurts completed all six of his pass attempts for 80 yards and a touchdown. Former Eagles star QB Michael Vick, who spent time recently with his former team, shares his expectations for Philadelphia this season.


I had the chance to spend some time with Jalen Hurts, and Jalen is super excited about everything that’s going on within the Philadelphia Eagles organization. He likes the awesome communication and the pressure that’s being put on him right now. He talked about all the things that are going to go right this year, and the things that he has control of. When you’re feeling that way as a quarterback and you get these reps and you play these games, you start to develop confidence with each and every snap.

Jalen understands that he doesn’t have to know everything about the offense today. He knows that the offense is going to evolve week to week. There are going to be some changes and defenses are going to play him differently. He’s willing to put in the work to develop and he has the weapons around him to do it.

Hurts has Help

The Eagles have a great run game. Obviously, every team doesn’t have that luxury. I think Miles Sanders is a back that’s ready to take off. He’s a Pro Bowl caliber player, you just have to put the ball in his hands. Now you have A.J. Brown who is a solid veteran receiver who is pretty much unguardable if used in the right way. I don’t think he has to be a guy that you always have to go “bombs away” with. I think he just needs the ball in his hands. Whether it’s 2 yards away from the line of scrimmage or 35 yards away from the line of scrimmage, you gotta let those guys work.

Then they have a great tight end in Dallas Goedert. One thing I know about the quarterback position in the National Football League is if you have a quarterback that’s mobile, and you have a good tight end, you’re gonna win a lot of games. I know because I lived it I was mobile and I always had a great tight end everywhere I went. Not to say the receiver position was irrelevant, because I needed those guys just as much as they needed me and we made it work.

Putting it all Together

The Eagles have the elements to be unstoppable if they cook it up right. Look at the defense, you have Darius Slay and Fletcher Cox coming back, as well as a couple of safeties and other key additions. It’s gonna be a real solid team. When it gets cold in November and December, Philadelphia is a tough place to play. Jalen Hurts has to always remember that and get ready to ride this wave, baby. He’s feeling really good about where they are right now.

Final Thoughts

With all that being said, I feel like the Eagles are poised to make a run and they’re gonna give Dallas everything that they can handle. I know Dak Prescott is at the top of his game and is still trying to ascend, but they are doing it over there in Philly, baby … it’s going down. You can see that from afar. We saw it in last week’s preseason game, Jalen came out strong and looked confident moving the chains. It looked similar to what it looked like last year, so if they can reciprocate that, it’ll be a successful year in Philadelphia and they’ll win the NFC East.

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