Bill Polian Suggests Colts Can Be Super Bowl Contenders

The Indianapolis Colts have been hoping to return to the Super Bowl for more than a decade. Andrew Luck, although an excellent quarterback in his own right, sadly faced too many injuries and couldn’t quite get the Colts back to a title.

Indianapolis might have an answer in longtime Atlanta Falcon-and now Indianapolis Colt-Matt Ryan.

Bill Polian, a former NFL General Manager, Team President, and current Contributor to The 33rd Team, weighed in on the new QB.

“He’s an experienced guy, he’s a highly competitive guy, he’s not had a lot of injuries in his career, and his arm is still good,” Polian said. “He can still throw the ball. His head, his processing, his leadership – it’s off the charts. And he brings with him a gravitas that they have not had at that position since Peyton’s been there.”

Ryan is reportedly already blowing away coaches and teammates in camp and has quickly established himself as a key leader for Indianapolis.

Polian is hearing of similarities between Ryan and Indianapolis Colts’ Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. “[Current Indianapolis Colts wide receivers coach] Reggie Wayne said, “This is scary. He’s like, Peyton. Just like the same guy in terms of how he conducts himself and how he prepares and what he’s demanding of the team. This is a real, bona fide leader.”

Matt Ryan is not getting any younger and is not necessarily a long-term answer at quarterback for the Colts in the way we would refer to Justin Herbert or Patrick Mahomes.

But that said, according to Polian: “the end game for the Colts is a team that is ready to compete for the whole megillah.”

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