Baker Mayfield Gives Panthers Best Chance to Win

Editor’s note: The Carolina Panthers on Monday officially named Baker Mayfield their starting quarterback. The 33rd Team asked Brett Favre if he thought that was the correct decision.


The most important part of the quarterback equation is winning and losing, and I think Baker [Mayfield] has been a winner everywhere he’s been — even at times, when he was not the guy.

What sometimes gets lost in the shuffle is: Is the guy a winner? I’m not just talking about Baker but the position in general. Does he give you a chance to win each and every week? I believe Baker does that. I think he’s a heckuva competitor. I don’t know what it’s like in the locker room or in the huddle with him, so it would be unfair for me to say, but I assume the guys rally around him because historically that’s been the case with him. Guys go to bat for him. Guys play their tails off for him.

On top of that, he’s talented.

I was a little bit perplexed to why the breakup with Cleveland happened. Fast forward, Carolina picks him up. I think it’s a great fit. I think he’s scrappy. He’s a winner. He’s got a little bit of cockiness, and I think that’s important to have. He doesn’t go overboard with it — at least not in my observation of him. I think it’s a good fit for Carolina. I think it’s a good fit for both of them. He pushes the envelope, but not to the point where he turns his teammates off.

You know you’ve got a chance to win with Mayfield in the huddle and under center.

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