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2023 NFL Draft Watch List: Tiering the Best College Offensive Linemen

Tiering the Best College Offensive Linemen

The conclusion of the 2022 NFL Draft means that teams and fans alike can start looking forward to next year’s crop of players. While it is far too early to have conclusive opinions on where each player will rank due to a full season of games and the player development ahead of us, this tier ranking previews how these players go into the season ranked against their position group. These tiers are subject to change but give a quick outlook on the expectations of these players.

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​​Tier 1: The Top Talents

Paris Johnson | Ohio State

Peter Skronski | Northwestern

Trevor Reid | Louisville

Jarrett Patterson | Notre Dame

Robert Scott Jr. | Florida State

Tier 1 players currently have shown the physical traits as well as the film to be considered towards the top of the offensive line prospect rankings. These players have shown up against some of the top competition and proven they can compete at their respective position. Some of these players have the position versatility to play multiple spots across the line. High-end physical and athletic traits are part of the reason they can separate themselves from the rest of the group. These players will look to keep their draft stock trending upward with a great 2022 season.

Tier 2: Elite Traits

Zion Nelson | Miami

Robert Scott Jr. | Florida State

Emil Ekiyor Jr. | Alabama

Ryan Hayes | Michigan

Andrew Vorhees | USC

Tier 2 players have elite physical traits that will make them valuable at the professional level. They have the height/weight measurables as well as athleticism and strength to be competitive against the top prospects in college football. Players of this caliber have the potential to rise into the tier 1 level if they show development from this offseason. This group has a ceiling due to their physical traits and potential development.

Tier 3: Potential Draft Picks

Dawand Jones | Ohio State

Broderick Jones | Georgia

Anton Harrison | Oklahoma

Javion Cohen | Alabama

Jaxson Kirkland |


Carter Warren | Pittsburgh

Connor Galvin | Baylor

Sedric Van Pran | Georgia

Andrew Raym | Oklahoma

Tier 3 players have the physical tools and enough good film to be drafted in the spring. Some of them might be lacking the explosiveness, speed, or strength in order to play in multiple offensive schemes but they fit some mold a team is looking for. Players in this tier show enough talent to at least be a back-up in the NFL. A strong 2022 season could catapult these prospects into higher tiers.

Tier 4: Next Year’s Sleepers

Willie Lampkin | Coastal Carolina

Clark Barrington | BYU

O’Cyrus Torrence | Louisiana

Nick Broeker | Ole Miss

Tier 4 is the sleeper group who has the potential to be draft picks but are missing some physical tools or playing opportunity. Their issues tend to relate to size or athleticism, but they show they can play football at a high enough level for a shot to make a roster. The 2022 season has significant implications for this group. They will look to build upon their career so far and develop into a draftable player.

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