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Super Bowl 57 Commercials: Sneak Peek at 33 Leaked Ads for Sunday’s Big Game

Nearly 200 million adults in the U.S. are planning to tune in on Sunday to Super Bowl LVII  between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles in Glendale, Ariz. And major brands are hoping they stick around for the commercials.

That’s because the price tag for a 30-second ad this year hit a record $7 million, up $500k from a year ago.

More than ever, companies are making their dollars stretch a little further by releasing full versions of their ads ahead of Sunday’s game. This year’s commercials feature a wide array of celebrities from the entertainment and sports worlds.

We rounded up 33 of the best commercials to air during Sunday’s game (6:30 p.m. ET. on Fox). Here’s a sneak peek:

Popcorners: Breaking Bad feat. Aaron Paul

Pepsi: Great Acting or Great Taste? feat. Steve Martin

Pepsi: Great Acting or Great Taste? feat. Ben Stiller

General Motors: Electric Vehicles feat. Will Ferrell

Mr. Peanut: The Roast of Mr. Peanut

Squarespace: The Singularity feat. Adam Driver

Heineken: Ant-Man and The Wasp feat. Paul Rudd

T-Mobile: Grease ‘Summer Dreams’ feat. John Travolta, Zach Braff, Donald Faison

DoorDash: We Get Groceries feat. Raekwon The Chef, Matty Matheson

Uber One: Diddy Don’t Do Jingles feat. Diddy

Workday: Rock Stars of Business

Google: A New Kind of Camera Phone feat. Amy Schumer, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Doja Cat

Michelob Ultra: Full Swing feat. Tony Romo

Bush’s Baked Beans: Pre-Dinner Cadence feat. Peyton Manning

Oikos: Sanders Family Reunion

FanDuel: The Kick of Destiny feat. Rob Gronkowski

Peacock: Poker Face feat. Natasha Lyonne

Bud Light: Hold feat. Miles Teller

Paramount+: A Mountain of Entertainment

Pringles: It Happens to the Best of Us

Sam Adams: Your Brighter Cousin from Boston

Avocados from Mexico: Adam and Eve feat. Anna Faris

Crown Royal: Learn To Canada feat. Dave Grohl

Busch Light: Wilderness feat. Sarah McLachlan

Kia: Binky Dad

Skechers: Versatility feat. Snoop Dogg, Tony Romo

Doritos: The Triangle feat. Jack Harlow

E*Trade: The Baby Wedding

Hellman’s Mayo: Ham and Brie feat. Jon Hamm, Brie Larson, Pete Davidson

Budweiser: Six Degrees of Bud

TurboTax: We Can Dance

Rakuten: Clueless Shopping feat. Alicia Silverstone

DraftKings: Free Bets feat. Kevin Hart


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