Week 5: Top-10 NFL Offenses Right Now

The 33rd Team’s weekly top-10 offensive rankings are derived through an evaluation by our scouting department, led by former NFL team executive T.J. McCreight and assisted by scouts Justin Casey, Kevin Cohn and Evan Pritt. 

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1. Detroit Lions

PPG: 35.0 (1st) | YPG: 234.5 (T-1st) | EPA/Play: 0.08 (4th)

The Lions lead the league in points and yards per game. Jamaal Williams leads the league in rushing touchdowns with six. Jared Goff is tied for first with 11 TD passes.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

PPG: 28.8 (4th) | YPG: 435.5 (2nd) | EPA/Play: 0.06 (6th)

The Eagles have perhaps the best offensive line in football. They’re fourth in the league with 165 rushing yards per game and sixth in passing yards per game.  


3. Kansas City Chiefs

PPG: 32.3 (2nd) | YPG: 384.8 (T-4th) | EPA/Play: 0.10 (1st)

The Chiefs have the most creative offense in football with top-level offensive talent. Even without Tyreek Hill, they have shown they can be explosive.

4. Buffalo Bills

PPG: 28.5 (5th) | YPG: 412.5 (3rd) | EPA/Play: 0.09 (3rd)

The Bills are built for their late-season cold weather climate. Josh Allen has the ability to cut the ball through the wind. It will be tough for anyone to go up to Buffalo and keep up late in the year.

5. Baltimore Ravens

PPG: 29.8 (3rd) | YPG: 359.3 (12th) | EPA/Play: 0.03 (8th)

One of the hardest offenses in the league to defend with Lamar Jackson at QB, the Ravens rank third in the league at 29.8 points per game.

6. L.A. Chargers

PPG: 23.0 (12th) | YPG: 371.8 (7th) | EPA/Play: -0.02 (11th)

The Chargers have the personnel to make a deep run, especially when wide receiver Keenan Allen returns and Justin Herbert is back to full health.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

PPG: 22.8 (13th) | YPG: 346.8 (16th) | EPA/Play: -0.12 (23rd)

The Bengals, who are eighth in the NFL in passing yards per game, have looked better every week. If the offensive line starts to click, they have the explosive weapons to put up a lot of points.


8. Miami Dolphins

PPG: 24.5 (9th) | YPG: 361.0 (10th) | EPA/Play: 0.07 (6th)

Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle make it incredibly difficult for defenses to defend them. When Tua Tagovailoa gets healthy, we expect them to show more of what they did the first few weeks.

9. Cleveland Browns

PPG: 26.3 (T-6th) | YPG: 384.8 (T-4th) | EPA/Play: 0.05 (7th)

This has been an explosive rushing attack with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. They ranked sixth in points and fourth in total yards. What will they look like when Deshaun Watson comes back?


10. Jacksonville Jaguars

PPG: 26.3 (T-6th) | YPG: 336.5 (20th) | EPA/Play: -0.01 (T-9th)

Even with the five turnovers in Week 4, Trevor Lawrence has shown he could eventually become a top-level quarterback. Pederson’s creativity and leadership has this offense looking much more in sync than they did last season.

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