NFL Draft

Tuli Tuipulotu Looking Great Lighter, Should Be First-Round Pick

My guy Tuli Tuipulotu (scouting report) from USC lost 20-plus pounds to go from 290 to 266 before going to the combine, that’s no problem at all. I’d rather he be at 260. In this league, it’s continuing to turn into being more speed than size. If you can lose 20 pounds or however much you need to, gain speed, and keep that strength, you’re going to be unstoppable.

Everybody is saying he is trending in a negative direction because he lost all that weight. No, that’s a good thing. The way the game is today, you need your speed, you need to be light on your feet, fast, quick, and explosive.

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I’m happy for Tuli, I hope he can keep it up. He had a great season, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be a first-round pick. Any method he’s using and the trainers he’s working with that got him down to 260, I congratulate them and I congratulate him because that’s going to help him stay injury-free in his NFL career and make more plays.

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