Jamaal Williams: ‘Raiders or Jets’ for Possible Aaron Rodgers Trade Destination

There is a sea of speculation about whether Aaron Rodgers will return to the Green Bay Packers, retire or get traded, so the St. Brown brothers – Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra and Chicago Bears wide receiver Equanimeous – brought on a special guest who knows the future Hall of Fame quarterback quite well.

Lions running back Jamaal Williams was a teammate of Rodgers for four seasons in Green Bay, the same amount of time Equanimeous spent with the quarterback in Wisconsin. Both players have since moved on to other teams in the NFC North, where they face the Packers twice per season.

Here’s their discussion, including possible landing spots for Rodgers should he eventually get traded, as well as the quarterback’s reported lack of interaction off the field with his young receivers:

Amon-Ra: I’ve never played with him. I know I’ve met him once, but never played with him. You guys have been in the locker room with him for multiple years, and I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors of Aaron Rodgers about to go to a different team. He might leave this time. The other report says he’s going to an AFC team. What do you guys think Aaron Rodgers is gonna do? I mean, you guys probably know him better than anyone watching this, better than me. What do you guys think he’s gonna do?

Jamaal: Honestly, I really don’t care as long as he’s happy and he’s enjoying football, but I feel like he’s gonna go somewhere he’s familiar with. So, probably I want to say the Raiders. I say the Raiders or the Jets. That’s all I’ll say. Just go Raiders or the Jets. That’s it.

Equanimeous: And I’ll say I’m not sure, man. You know, he’s a great quarterback, a great teammate to have.

Jamaal: He’s a great teammate. 

Equanimeous: So wherever he goes, you know that he’ll be winning games. It’s toward the end of his career, you know, he’s having fun, he’s enjoying playing football. You know, that’s all that matters. I know he’s gonna want to go to a place where there’s a good chance to win a Super Bowl, that’s all that matters at this point. So I have no idea where he’s gonna go. I think the Raiders would be a good fit, too. So we’ll see. I’m not sure.

Jamaal: But he’s a cool dude, man. I more so like him just for the professional part. He’s going to make sure you are professional doing your job like what you’re supposed to do. That’s why I feel like he has reached this level. You don’t get to be at this level for so long by lollygagging, and bullshitting all the time. That’s why I’m grateful for being in that locker room for four years and seeing how Marcedes [Lewis] played the game, how Aaron played the game, and how David Bakhtiari played the game, and Mason Crosby. Isn’t Aaron older than Mason?

Equanimeous: Yes, yes, he is.

Jamaal: He is, yeah. In general, just watching them being vets and how they go about their business is literally how I learned how to stay successful, and how to have longevity in my career in the business of playing football.

Amon-Ra: Like I said, I met him last year at a charity 7-on-7 event. The first time that I met him, he was cool, man. He told me that I had a great season and wished me the best of luck next year. So, from everything I hear, he’s a great dude. A lot of people just like to talk (about how he doesn’t interact with younger players). It’s crazy, but for all people I’ve talked to that know him, he’s an awesome dude, teammate, and awesome person.

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