Dynasty Fantasy Football: 2023 NFL Quarterback Tier Rankings

Quarterback is the most crucial position in your Superflex Dynasty league. When trying to anchor a team for the long haul with high-end production and stability, the upper echelon of quarterbacks will be what you’re looking for. 

You can manage without nearly any position when building a dynasty, but without a quarterback, it’s an uphill battle. In single-quarterback leagues, the position instantly becomes the least important, as the starting position number drops from 24 in Superflex to 12, where production is much easier to find. 

Only the first tiers of quarterbacks really matter in single-quarterback leagues. It should be noted value estimations are strictly that. You should always pay attention to market value when negotiating any deal. 

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Dynasty QB Tier Rankings

Tier 1

Value Estimation: 3+ Premium First-Round Picks 

Patrick Mahomes  Kansas City Chiefs 
Josh Allen  Buffalo Bills 
Jalen Hurts  Philadelphia Eagles 

Jalen Hurts: While this tier seems obvious, Jalen Hurts is the newest member. Hurts followed up his 2021 mark of 9.2 rushing points per game (PPG) with 10.3 in 2022. His 17.9 passing PPG was the leap needed to confirm he’s a game-breaker on the ground and strong through the air.

Tier 2

Value Estimation: 3+ First-Round Picks 

Lamar Jackson  Baltimore Ravens 
Joe Burrow  Cincinnati Bengals 

Lamar Jackson: We’re only a few years removed from Lamar Jackson putting up an absolute fantasy wrecking 32.2 PPG. Jackson provides an insanely high floor after putting up 7.0+ rushing PPG in four straight years, including a 10.8 and 9.5 PPG season. With his massive extension, we’ll see that high-end production for a while. 

Joe Burrow: Not only is Joe Burrow a game-breaker through the air with back-to-back seasons with more than 22.0 passing PPG, but his production on the ground this past season was encouraging. An extra year removed from his catastrophic leg injury should only give him a higher chance of hitting the highest tier. 

Tier 3

Value Estimation: Two+ First-Round Picks 

Justin Herbert  Los Angeles Chargers 
Trevor Lawrence  Jacksonville Jaguars 
Deshaun Watson  Cleveland Browns 
Kyler Murray  Arizona Cardinals 

Deshaun Watson: You can trust Deshaun Watson’s six-game sample size after more than a year away from football or the four-year sample size where his lowest production output was 23.8 PPG as a second-year player. That lowest output is a top-five fantasy finish in nearly all seasons.

Kyler Murray: He has never put up a season with less than 20.0 PPG or 5.0 rushing PPG. We also saw the Arizona Cardinals reward his play with a massive extension last offseason. But if Kyler Murray’s slight downturn and injury cause him to be a cheap acquisition, I will continue to buy him in Dynasty. 

Tier 4

Value Estimation: Two First-Round Picks 

10  Anthony Richardson  Indianapolis Colts 
11  Justin Fields  Chicago Bears 

Anthony Richardson: There aren’t many quarterbacks with his unique profile of high-end athleticism, fantastic rushing production and elite draft capital. Only Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III and Vince Young had a 9.00+ Relative Athletic Score, solid rushing profile, and top-5 draft capital. Anthony Richardson’s floor and ceiling are quite friendly. 

Justin Fields: While Justin Fields just put up a historic rushing season — 11.3 rushing PPG — he was one of the worst passers in the league for the second straight year. If his passing production doesn’t improve, the leash to continue starting gets slimmer. 

Tier 5 

Value Estimation: Premium First-Round Pick 

12  Bryce Young  Carolina Panthers 
13  Dak Prescott  Dallas Cowboys 
14  Tua Tagovailoa  Miami Dolphins 

Bryce Young: Elite quarterback prospects without a solid rushing profile are hard to come by. Bryce Young joins Trevor Lawrence and Jameis Winston as the only ones. Both put up more than 17.0 passing PPG by the end of their second season. If we can get some low level of rushing along with it, there is a path to high-end production. 

Tier 6

Value Estimation: First-Round Pick 

15  C.J. Stroud  Houston Texans 
16  Daniel Jones  New York Giants 
17  Trey Lance  San Francisco 49ers 

Trey Lance: There have been 23 quarterbacks selected in the top five of the NFL Draft since 2006. Of those 23, Trey Lance is the only one to have played at least seven games in a season. It’s hard to see that continuing this season. As long as he’s on the field, his rushing production provides the high ceiling we’re chasing.

Tier 7

Value Estimation: Late First-Round Pick 

18  Kirk Cousins  Minnesota Vikings 
19  Russell Wilson  Denver Broncos 
20  Jared Goff  Detroit Lions 
21  Geno Smith  Seattle Seahawks 
22  Derek Carr  New Orleans Saints 

Russell Wilson: It was truly the worst possible outcome for Russell Wilson last season, with his first-year head coach getting fired before the season was over. Now, offensive guru Sean Payton is coming to town, and Wilson has a nine-year sample of 20.0+ PPG production; the upside is still there.

Geno Smith: It was not a typical path to quarterback production for Geno Smith, but he got there with 21.4 PPG in 2022. After a solid passing season and signing a three-year extension with the Seattle Seahawks, he’s starting to feel undervalued amongst the dynasty community. 

Tier 8

Value Estimation: Second-Round Pick 

23  Kenny Pickett  Pittsburgh Steelers 
24  Brock Purdy  San Francisco 49ers 
25  Mac Jones  New England Patriots 
26  Jordan Love  Green Bay Packers 

Brock Purdy: From the last pick in the draft to being a top-25 dynasty quarterback is not a common path. Brock Purdy’s journey is quite rare. After having 8.6 adjusted yards per attempt in his rookie year and a range of outcomes with Dak Prescott as one of three other names, there is intrigue despite a bit of a mystery future.

Tier 9

Value Estimation: Middling Second-Round Pick 

27  Aaron Rodgers  New York Jets 
28  Jimmy Garoppolo  Las Vegas Raiders 
29  Ryan Tannehill  Tennessee Titans 

Aaron Rodgers: If you’re buying Aaron Rodgers in Dynasty, it’s likely as a one to possibly two-year rental — a rental where the projected production doesn’t have the highest ceiling. We should also remember not every 40+ year old is Tom Brady, as even the legends can see a drop in production.

Tier 10

Value Estimation: Third-Round Pick 

30  Will Levis  Tennessee Titans 
31  Desmond Ridder  Atlanta Falcons 
32  Sam Howell  Washington Commanders 
33  Baker Mayfield  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
34  Matthew Stafford  Los Angeles Rams 

Will Levis: The fall in the draft certainly does no favors to an already murky prospect profile. But after being drafted two picks into Day 2, there is still a possibility Will Levis becomes a starting NFL quarterback. There is always an upside to the unknown, even if the downside is nothing.

Tier 11

Value Estimation: Fourth-Round Pick 

35  Sam Darnold  San Francisco 49ers 
36  Tyler Huntley  Baltimore Ravens 
37  Jacoby Brissett  Washington Commanders 
38  Zach Wilson  New York Jets 
39  Hendon Hooker  Detroit Lions 
40  Gardner Minshew  Indianapolis Colts 

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