2023 Best Ball: Top 250 Underdog Rankings With Confidence Ratings

Our Top-250 Underdog best ball rankings have a new format. Players are ranked by ADP (average draft position), and for each ranking, Josh Larky and Ryan Reynolds rate from 1-5 how interested they are in that player at their given ADP. Additionally, you’ll find dozens of player write-ups throughout to provide additional context behind the ratings/rankings process.

Normal exposure to a player is about 8.3 percent, which is taking someone once every 12 drafts. Below, you can see how to translate our rating system to our ideal player exposures.

Rating Exposure
1 Under 2%
1.5 2%-3%
2 4%-5%
2.5 6%-7%
3 7%-9%
3.5 9%-12%
4 13%-15%
4.5 16%-20%
5 Over 20%

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Top 250

Players 1-25

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
1 Justin Jefferson 1.2 3 WR1 Minnesota Vikings
2 Ja’Marr Chase 2.2 3.5 WR2 Cincinnati Bengals
3 Christian McCaffrey 3.4 3 RB1 San Francisco 49ers
4 Tyreek Hill 4.5 3 WR3 Miami Dolphins
5 Cooper Kupp 5 3 WR4 Los Angeles Rams
6 Travis Kelce 6.2 3 TE1 Kansas City Chiefs
7 Bijan Robinson 7.2 3 RB2 Atlanta Falcons
8 Stefon Diggs 8 3 WR5 Buffalo Bills
9 A.J. Brown 9 3 WR6 Philadelphia Eagles
10 Davante Adams 11.1 2.5 WR7 Las Vegas Raiders
11 Austin Ekeler 11.4 2.5 RB3 Los Angeles Chargers
12 CeeDee Lamb 11.8 3 WR8 Dallas Cowboys
13 Jonathan Taylor 13.4 2 RB4 Indianapolis Colts
14 Garrett Wilson 14.4 3.5 WR9 NY Jets
15 Amon-Ra St. Brown 14.8 3 WR10 Detroit Lions
16 Saquon Barkley 16.4 3 RB5 NY Giants
17 Jaylen Waddle 17.8 3.5 WR11 Miami Dolphins
18 Patrick Mahomes 18.8 2.5 QB1 Kansas City Chiefs
19 Jalen Hurts 19.7 3 QB2 Philadelphia Eagles
20 Nick Chubb 20.4 3 RB6 Cleveland Browns
21 Josh Allen 21.1 2.5 QB3 Buffalo Bills
22 Chris Olave 21.4 3 WR12 New Orleans Saints
23 Tony Pollard 22.8 3 RB7 Dallas Cowboys
24 DeVonta Smith 24.1 3 WR13 Philadelphia Eagles
25 Tee Higgins 24.3 3 WR14 Cincinnati Bengals
  • Ja’Marr Chase: The 33rd Team fantasy football analysts Liam Murphy and Reynolds both consider taking Chase whenever they have the first overall pick.
  • Christian McCaffrey: His value could take a dip if Trey Lance is the team’s opening-day starter, as Lance is a factor as a runner in goal-to-go situations.
  • Davante Adams: He turns 31 in December and will be playing with the oft-injured, mediocre Jimmy Garoppolo. Unlike Derek Carr last year — who Adams played with in college — Garoppolo is a fully unfamiliar quarterback for him. The Raiders offense is not one to be overweight on, as Josh McDaniels could be on the hot seat.
  • Austin Ekeler: New offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has a history of a split backfield in Dallas, and Ekeler has stated many times he wants his touches to be limited. He’s now 28 years old and most of his receiving spike last year was due to a plethora of receiver injuries.
  • Jonathan Taylor: He likely performs like turbo-charged 2022 Miles Sanders, where scrambling rookie QB Anthony Richardson helps him with his rushing efficiency but hurts his target volume. There’s also a chance Richardson vultures goal-line work. Taylor has a lot working against him at the most injury-filled fantasy position.
  • Garrett Wilson: He had more than 1,100 yards receiving as a rookie, playing with three different (and below-average) quarterbacks in Zach Wilson, Joe Flacco and Mike White. He now gets Aaron Rodgers, with minimal target competition.
  • Jaylen Waddle: He was a low depth of target volume receiver as a rookie before turning into a vertical weapon in his sophomore campaign. Waddle is a good pick in a vacuum, and he could be the WR1 in fantasy if the older Tyreek Hill misses time due to injury.
  • Patrick Mahomes: Target him when Travis Kelce is picked in Round 1, but keep in mind Mahomes isn’t as mobile as Jalen Hurts or Josh Allen.
  • Nick Chubb: Assuming Deshaun Watson is (mostly) back to his 2017-2020 form, Chubb will be playing with by far the best quarterback of his career and behind a premium offensive line with no more Kareem Hunt splitting work. While we’ve generally faded profiles like his due to lack of pass-catching, Chubb has a good chance to lead the NFL in rushing yards and rushing TDs.

Players 26-50

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
26 Derrick Henry 26.8 2.5 RB8 Tennessee Titans
27 Josh Jacobs 27.5 2.5 RB9 Las Vegas Raiders
28 Rhamondre Stevenson 28.7 2.5 RB10 New England Patriots
29 Breece Hall 29 3 RB11 NY Jets
30 DK Metcalf 29.6 3 WR15 Seattle Seahawks
31 Lamar Jackson 31.2 3 QB4 Baltimore Ravens
32 Mark Andrews 32 2.5 TE2 Baltimore Ravens
33 Deebo Samuel 33.7 1.5 WR16 San Francisco 49ers
34 Travis Etienne 35.1 3 RB12 Jacksonville Jaguars
35 Calvin Ridley 35.3 3 WR17 Jacksonville Jaguars
36 Amari Cooper 36.1 3 WR18 Cleveland Browns
37 Najee Harris 37.2 3 RB13 Pittsburgh Steelers
38 Justin Fields 38.7 3 QB5 Chicago Bears
39 Jahmyr Gibbs 39.2 3 RB14 Detroit Lions
40 Christian Watson 40.7 2.5 WR19 Green Bay Packers
41 Joe Burrow 41.4 2.5 QB6 Cincinnati Bengals
42 Mike Williams 42.6 2.5 WR20 Los Angeles Chargers
43 DeAndre Hopkins 44 2.5 WR21 Arizona Cardinals
44 Jerry Jeudy 44.6 3 WR22 Denver Broncos
45 DJ Moore 45.6 2.5 WR23 Chicago Bears
46 Keenan Allen 45.7 3 WR24 Los Angeles Chargers
47 T.J. Hockenson 47.4 3 TE3 Minnesota Vikings
48 Drake London 47.8 2.5 WR25 Atlanta Falcons
49 Kenneth Walker 48.6 3 RB15 Seattle Seahawks
50 Terry McLaurin 48.9 3 WR26 Washington Commanders
  • Derrick Henry: He’s in the twilight of his career, and this looks like the potential season for the wheels to fall off from this offense. Henry has an appealing Week 15-17 stretch.
  • Josh Jacobs: He had 393 touches last year, the fifth most by any runner during the past decade. This has generally led to injuries and ineffectiveness for good, but not great, backs like Jacbos in the following season. As mentioned earlier with Adams, the Las Vegas Raiders are not a team to get excited about for fantasy football.
  • Rhamondre Stevenson: There doesn’t appear to be much of a difference between Stevenson and Najee Harris, who goes a round later. The New England Patriots offense doesn’t project to be high-scoring, and Underdog is a half-PPR platform, which hurts a pass-catcher like Stevenson.
  • Mark Andrews: With Odell Beckham Jr., Rashod Bateman and Zay Flowers, it’s tough to see Andrews getting enough volume in an offense that should still be fairly run-heavy due to Lamar Jackson. If new offensive coordinator Todd Monken weren’t in town, Andrews would be downgraded to a 2 rating.
  • Deebo Samuel: He topped 13 fantasy points just twice last season while falling below double-digit fantasy points in five outings. Outside of his 2021 season with historic efficiency, Samuel has been a WR4 type for fantasy football. He struggles to stay healthy and was oftentimes behind Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle on the target totem pole.
  • Amari Cooper: If Watson returns to form, Cooper will be the primary beneficiary.
  • Najee Harris: He’s a former first-round pick who sees primary back usage and finished the 2022 season strong. Harris will run behind a significantly improved Steelers offensive line in 2023.
  • Jahmyr Gibbs: We loved Gibbs when he was going in the sixth round. David Montgomery is 20 pounds heavier and likely takes the goal-line work. Our excitement has been tempered, but we aren’t fading a Lions running back after Detroit was the fifth-best scoring offense in 2022.
  • Christian Watson: We have low expectations for the Green Bay Packers offense with Jordan Love, and Watson now has moderate target competition. His speed and downfield role prevent us from fully fading him, but target-earning WR Jayden Reed and two talented rookie tight ends make this a murky situation for fantasy football.
  • Joe Burrow: He should be targeted when Chase or Tee Higgins is already on your roster, but he’s not someone we are excited about in a vacuum due to his low rushing ceiling and slower-paced offense.
  • Mike Williams: He is behind Keenan Allen and possibly Quentin Johnston for targets, yet goes before both. He struggles to stay healthy and should probably be going a round later. He stays at a 2.5 since we like the potential of this Chargers offense.
  • DeAndre Hopkins: He is aging and clearly not as well-liked by the NFL as fantasy managers hoped. He’s been on the trade block for months and remains a Cardinal.
  • DJ Moore: He finds himself on a low-volume passing offense with decent target competition in Chase Claypool and Darnell Mooney.
  • Drake London: He is on an extremely low-volume passing offense that selected RB Bijan Robinson with pick No. 8 in the 2023 NFL Draft. His late fantasy surge in 2022 happened only after Kyle Pitts was sidelined due to injury.

Players 51-75

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
51 Christian Kirk 50.9 3.5 WR27 Jacksonville Jaguars
52 Justin Herbert 52.3 3 QB7 Los Angeles Chargers
53 George Kittle 54.6 3 TE4 San Francisco 49ers
54 Aaron Jones 54.9 2.5 RB16 Green Bay Packers
55 Michael Pittman 55.5 2 WR28 Indianapolis Colts
56 Miles Sanders 56 2 RB17 Carolina Panthers
57 J.K. Dobbins 57.1 3 RB18 Baltimore Ravens
58 Chris Godwin 58.3 2.5 WR29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
59 Joe Mixon 59 2.5 RB19 Cincinnati Bengals
60 Jaxon Smith-Njigba 60.1 3 WR30 Seattle Seahawks
61 Trevor Lawrence 61.7 3 QB8 Jacksonville Jaguars
62 Brandon Aiyuk 62.5 3 WR31 San Francisco 49ers
63 Dameon Pierce 62.5 3 RB20 Houston Texans
64 Kyle Pitts 63.9 3 TE5 Atlanta Falcons
65 Mike Evans 65.4 3 WR32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
66 Tyler Lockett 66.2 3.5 WR33 Seattle Seahawks
67 Dallas Goedert 67.6 2.5 TE6 Philadelphia Eagles
68 Jordan Addison 68 3 WR34 Minnesota Vikings
69 Dalvin Cook 70.3 2.5 RB21 Minnesota Vikings
70 Kadarius Toney 70.8 3 WR35 Kansas City Chiefs
71 D’Andre Swift 71.4 3.5 RB22 Philadelphia Eagles
72 George Pickens 72.1 2.5 WR36 Pittsburgh Steelers
73 Isiah Pacheco 72.8 2.5 RB23 Kansas City Chiefs
74 Treylon Burks 74.1 3 WR37 Tennessee Titans
75 Diontae Johnson 75.5 3 WR38 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Christian Kirk: He performed well last year and already has chemistry with Trevor Lawrence. It’s unclear if he is the WR1 or WR2 in this offense, but he goes much later than Calvin Ridley.
  • Aaron Jones: He turns 29 in December, and Love likely runs a lower-scoring offense that also features less frequent running back targets.
  • Michael Pittman: The Indianapolis Colts wide receiver will be playing in a similar environment to the 2022 Atlanta Falcons, and it’s tough to envision the spike weeks.
  • Miles Sanders: The former Philadelphia runner was the RB16 per game last year on an Eagles team that had a historic amount of rushing touchdowns. Sanders had a career-high 15 carries per game and 11 rushing TDs, and this Carolina Panthers offense projects to be far lower-scoring. Sanders is the quintessential dead-zone running back.
  • Chris Godwin: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the second-lowest scoring NFL team last year with Tom Brady. Now, they have Baker Mayfield and project to pass far less often. Godwin’s low depth of target on a bad offense is concerning.
  • Joe Mixon: He was out-played by Samaje Perine for much of last year and was even out-snapped by him in two of three playoff games. His talent is questionable, and he still has ongoing legal issues.
  • Dameon Pierce: He has limited backfield competition in Devin Singletary, and the addition of guard Shaq Mason gives the Houston Texans a borderline top-10 offensive line
  • Kyle Pitts: He is a unicorn athlete at the tight end position. Unreliable quarterback play in a low pass-volume offense is concerning.
  • Tyler Lockett: He is perpetually underrated. He doesn’t miss much time due to injury and is as consistent as they come. His speed and downfield ability are the right combinations for spike weeks.
  • Dallas Goedert: He is playing behind A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith in a medium-volume offense.
  • Dalvin Cook: He is likely to be cut by Minnesota, and it’s unclear which team would give him a workhorse role.
  • D’Andre Swift: The new Eagle back lands in an offense that led the NFL in rushing TDs by a considerable margin last year. He was a top-10 in running back spike weeks (top-6 weekly fantasy finishes) last year despite missing time due to injury and receiving fewer than 10 touches per game.
  • George Pickens: He was targeted far less thanDiontae Johnson and Pat Freiermuth. Kenny Pickett is still not a great passer, and a moderate-volume receiver on a below-average offense isn’t a profile to target this early in a half-PPR format.
  • Isiah Pacheco: He doesn’t catch passes, and he didn’t monopolize goal-line work last year. He can score 10 TDs and still not pay off at ADP.

Players 76-100

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
76 Cam Akers 76.1 3 RB24 Los Angeles Rams
77 Marquise Brown 78.1 4 WR39 Arizona Cardinals
78 Rachaad White 78.9 2.5 RB25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
79 Darren Waller 79.4 3.5 TE7 NY Giants
80 Gabe Davis 79.8 2.5 WR40 Buffalo Bills
81 Jahan Dotson 81.2 3 WR41 Washington Commanders
82 Alexander Mattison 83.3 3 RB26 Minnesota Vikings
83 Deshaun Watson 83.5 3.5 QB9 Cleveland Browns
84 Brandin Cooks 84 3 WR42 Dallas Cowboys
85 James Conner 84.3 3 RB27 Arizona Cardinals
86 David Montgomery 85.9 3.5 RB28 Detroit Lions
87 Quentin Johnston 86.2 4 WR43 Los Angeles Chargers
88 Anthony Richardson 88.2 2.5 QB10 Indianapolis Colts
89 Zay Flowers 89 2.5 WR44 Baltimore Ravens
90 Javonte Williams 91.3 2 RB29 Denver Broncos
91 Evan Engram 91.6 3 TE8 Jacksonville Jaguars
92 Michael Thomas 93.6 3 WR45 New Orleans Saints
93 Dak Prescott 93.7 3 QB11 Dallas Cowboys
94 James Cook 94.5 2.5 RB30 Buffalo Bills
95 Rashod Bateman 96 2.5 WR46 Baltimore Ravens
96 Courtland Sutton 96 2.5 WR47 Denver Broncos
97 Tua Tagovailoa 97.6 4 QB12 Miami Dolphins
98 Alvin Kamara 99 3 RB31 New Orleans Saints
99 Jameson Williams 100.7 3.5 WR48 Detroit Lions
100 Kirk Cousins 101.5 3 QB13 Minnesota Vikings
  • Marquise Brown: He is a fine pick even if Hopkins remains on this roster. If Hopkins is traded, Brown could be force-fed double-digit targets per game like at the start of last season. Kyler Murray‘s late-season return from injury coincides well with tournament formats that reward late-season production.
  • Rachaad White: The Buccaneers should have a bad offense, and White didn’t do anything impressive as a rookie. You’re hoping for volume but accepting the TDs likely won’t be plentiful. We don’t want to assume 300 or more touches for White.
  • Darren Waller: He looks like the clear No. 1 pass-game option for a Giants team that had a fairly adept offense last year.
  • Gabe Davis: There’s TD fragility for Davis with rookie TE Dalton Kincaid and bruising RB Damien Harris now in town.
  • Alexander Mattison: If Cook is cut as expected, Mattison takes on the lead back role in Minnesota
  • Deshaun Watson: He had always scored like a top-5 fantasy quarterback prior to last year when he played in only six games after two years away from football. We are confident 2020 Watson returns in 2023.
  • David Montgomery: Think of Montgomery like Jamaal Williams-plus.
  • Quentin Johnston: There is no reason for Johnston to go so far behind Smith-Njigba and Addison. He’s a high depth of target receiver who is dangerous after the catch, now paired with Justin Herbert and new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. In the past two seasons in Dallas, Moore led the No. 1 and No. 4 scoring offenses.
  • Anthony Richardson: See this article for our concerns with rookie year Richardson.
  • Zay Flowers: He is buried in a low-volume offense with a profile that usually gets drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft.
  • Javonte Williams: There have been no encouraging signals with his recovery, and Williams looks like 2022 J.K. Dobbins.
  • James Cook: He is probably third in the pecking order for goal line carries behind Damien Harris and Allen.
  • Rashod Bateman: Like Flowers, it’s a crowded depth chart for Bateman on a lower-volume passing offense.
  • Courtland Sutton: His breakout 2019 campaign feels like a century away after several disappointing seasons.
  • Tua Tagovailoa: He averaged nearly a full yard per pass attempt more than any other quarterback last year. If he didn’t have concussion concerns, he’d go near Herbert and Lawrence in best ball drafts.
  • Jameson Williams: Read this excellent piece from Mark Garcia on why Williams is a player to be overweight on in best ball.

Browns TE David Njoku

Players 101-125

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
101 Elijah Moore 102.1 3 WR49 Cleveland Browns
102 Zach Charbonnet 102.8 3 RB32 Seattle Seahawks
103 David Njoku 103 2.5 TE9 Cleveland Browns
104 Daniel Jones 104.8 3.5 QB14 NY Giants
105 AJ Dillon 104.9 2 RB33 Green Bay Packers
106 Brian Robinson 106.1 3 RB34 Washington Commanders
107 JuJu Smith-Schuster 106.1 2.5 WR50 New England Patriots
108 Samaje Perine 108.8 3 RB35 Denver Broncos
109 Pat Freiermuth 109.3 3 TE10 Pittsburgh Steelers
110 Odell Beckham 109.7 3 WR51 Baltimore Ravens
111 Devon Achane 110.6 3 RB36 Miami Dolphins
112 Aaron Rodgers 111.5 3.5 QB15 NY Jets
113 Allen Lazard 111.8 3 WR52 NY Jets
114 Geno Smith 113.7 3.5 QB16 Seattle Seahawks
115 Rashaad Penny 114.9 3 RB37 Philadelphia Eagles
116 Tyler Boyd 115.8 3 WR53 Cincinnati Bengals
117 Dalton Kincaid 116 3 TE11 Buffalo Bills
118 Jakobi Meyers 117.4 3 WR54 Las Vegas Raiders
119 Damien Harris 118.1 4 RB38 Buffalo Bills
120 Khalil Herbert 121.8 2.5 RB39 Chicago Bears
121 Antonio Gibson 121.9 4 RB40 Washington Commanders
122 Jared Goff 123 3.5 QB17 Detroit Lions
123 Darnell Mooney 123.4 3 WR55 Chicago Bears
124 Skyy Moore 124.3 3 WR56 Kansas City Chiefs
125 Zay Jones 125.4 3 WR57 Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Daniel Jones: He has impressive mobility, a great play caller in Brian Daboll, and has a much-improved supporting cast.
  • A.J. Dillon: He is a grinder back in one of the league’s worst offenses.
  • Brian Robinson: He profiles like Dillon, but he had an impressive rookie season considering he was shot in the leg during a carjacking attempt last summer. There’s some potential for a role increase in Year 2.
  • Damien Harris: The former Patriots’ back could be the primary ball carrier in Buffalo. The Bills turned the ball over a lot in the scoring zone last season, and Allen has admitted that he needs to take less contact. There’s a path to double-digit rushing touchdowns for Harris in Buffalo.
  • Khalil Herbert: He doesn’t catch passes, and his rushing workload is threatened by both D’Onta Foreman and rookie Roschon Johnson.
  • Antonio Gibson: He was a usage monster before Robinson returned last year, and there’s a chance he’s heavily utilized as a safety blanket in the receiving game for the unproven Sam Howell.

Players 126-150

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
126 Jonathan Mingo 126.5 3.5 WR58 Carolina Panthers
127 Jamaal Williams 127 3 RB41 New Orleans Saints
128 Elijah Mitchell 127.9 3 RB42 San Francisco 49ers
129 Rashee Rice 128.4 3.5 WR59 Kansas City Chiefs
130 Dalton Schultz 129.5 2.5 TE12 Houston Texans
131 Jerick McKinnon 129.9 3.5 RB43 Kansas City Chiefs
132 Chigoziem Okonkwo 131.4 3.5 TE13 Tennessee Titans
133 Russell Wilson 132.1 3.5 QB18 Denver Broncos
134 Kendre Miller 134.4 3.5 RB44 New Orleans Saints
135 Adam Thielen 135.5 2 WR60 Carolina Panthers
136 Cole Kmet 137.5 2.5 TE14 Chicago Bears
137 Romeo Doubs 139.4 2.5 WR61 Green Bay Packers
138 Jalin Hyatt 139.6 1.5 WR62 NY Giants
139 Nico Collins 140.7 3 WR63 Houston Texans
140 Kyler Murray 141.1 3 QB19 Arizona Cardinals
141 Roschon Johnson 141.6 3.5 RB45 Chicago Bears
142 Alec Pierce 143.5 3 WR64 Indianapolis Colts
143 Michael Gallup 143.6 3 WR65 Dallas Cowboys
144 Derek Carr 144.7 3 QB20 New Orleans Saints
145 Jordan Love 146.7 3 QB21 Green Bay Packers
146 DJ Chark 147.7 3 WR66 Carolina Panthers
147 Greg Dulcich 147.9 3.5 TE15 Denver Broncos
148 Tyler Higbee 149.3 2.5 TE16 Los Angeles Rams
149 K.J. Osborn 149.8 3 WR67 Minnesota Vikings
150 Irv Smith 150.2 2.5 TE17 Cincinnati Bengals
  • Elijah Mitchell: He is a premium handcuff with some standalone value.
  • Dalton Schultz: A low-scoring environment is suboptimal for a tight end like Schultz, who was propped up by elite scoring offenses in Dallas.
  • Jerick McKinnon: He is the most trusted pass-catcher in a Mahomes-led offense.
  • Chigoziem Okonkwo: He may be the second-leading target-getter for a competent Tannehill.
  • Russell Wilson: We are betting on a Wilson bounce-back with new coach Sean Payton in town.
  • Kendre Miller: He is a highly skilled runner with decent draft capital on an ambiguous depth chart.
  • Adam Thielen: He turns 33 in August and had just 42 yards receiving per game in a much better Vikings offense last year. The Panthers’ pass attack should be a steep downgrade for Thielen.
  • Jalin Hyatt: He goes far too early for a third-round draft capital receiver on a crowded depth chart. He likely plays behind Darius Slayton for much, if not all, of 2023. His ADP reflects drafters being too anchored to their prior feelings about him as a potential Round 1 draft talent.
  • Nico Collins: He could be the top option in the league’s thinnest wide receiver room
  • Kyler Murray: He might not be available until the second half of the season due to injury, but he brings tremendous upside.
  • D.J. Chark: The Panthers have three wide receivers that could be the top option in their passing game. Chark is the cheapest of that group.
  • Irv Smith: He has done nothing in his NFL career and is behind at least Chase, Higgins and Boyd for targets.

Players 151-175

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
151 Jaylen Warren 151.4 3.5 RB46 Pittsburgh Steelers
152 Tyler Allgeier 152.4 3 RB47 Atlanta Falcons
153 Raheem Mostert 153.2 3 RB48 Miami Dolphins
154 Donovan Peoples-Jones 154.9 3 WR68 Cleveland Browns
155 Marquez Valdes-Scantling 155.9 3.5 WR69 Kansas City Chiefs
156 Matthew Stafford 156.6 3.5 QB22 Los Angeles Rams
157 Juwan Johnson 158.4 3 TE18 New Orleans Saints
158 D’Onta Foreman 160.2 3 RB49 Chicago Bears
159 Sam LaPorta 160.9 3.5 TE19 Detroit Lions
160 Rashid Shaheed 161.7 2 WR70 New Orleans Saints
161 Tank Bigsby 162.9 3.5 RB50 Jacksonville Jaguars
162 Jayden Reed 163 3.5 WR71 Green Bay Packers
163 Devin Singletary 163 3 RB51 Houston Texans
164 Gerald Everett 165.3 3 TE20 Los Angeles Chargers
165 Josh Downs 165.4 2.5 WR72 Indianapolis Colts
166 Van Jefferson 165.4 3.5 WR73 Los Angeles Rams
167 Ezekiel Elliott 165.8 3 RB52
168 Marvin Mims 167.7 3.5 WR74 Denver Broncos
169 Wan’Dale Robinson 168 2 WR75 NY Giants
170 Bryce Young 169.3 3 QB23 Carolina Panthers
171 Chase Brown 171.4 3 RB53 Cincinnati Bengals
172 Jeff Wilson 172.5 3 RB54 Miami Dolphins
173 Dawson Knox 173 4 TE21 Buffalo Bills
174 Taysom Hill 174.6 2.5 TE22 New Orleans Saints
175 Trey Lance 175.1 2.5 QB24 San Francisco 49ers
  • Marquez Valdes-Scantling: He should go earlier as the deep threat for Mahomes.
  • Matthew Stafford: His medicals look good, and the Rams may have the NFL’s worst pass defense in 2023. Expect a negative game script for a talented passer.
  • Sam LaPorta: He goes much later than Kincaid, despite getting similar draft capital on a similarly good offense. LaPorta has 4.59 wheels and should have some late-season spike weeks.
  • Rashid Shaheed: It’s unclear if Shaheed is better than rookie WR AT Perry, and he’s now buried on this depth chart.
  • Tank Bigsby: He is at worst the direct handcuff to Etienne (with his injury history) on a high-scoring Jaguars offense. Other premium handcuffs go earlier in drafts.
  • Jayden Reed: He has second-round draft capital and looks like some version of Diontae Johnson.
  • Van Jefferson: He has an appealing Week 17 matchup against the Giants.
  • Wan’Dale Robinson: He is recovering from a major injury, and the slot receiver position is now crowded in New York.
  • Dawson Knox: He makes more than $10 million a year, and he’ll be in Buffalo until at least 2025.
  • Trey Lance: He is probably third on the depth chart behind Brock Purdy and Sam Darnold, but his falling ADP makes him an interesting upside buy at current costs.

Players 176-200

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
176 Kenny Pickett 175.6 3.5 QB25 Pittsburgh Steelers
177 Hunter Renfrow 177 2.5 WR76 Las Vegas Raiders
178 Rondale Moore 177.3 2.5 WR77 Arizona Cardinals
179 Curtis Samuel 179.2 3 WR78 Washington Commanders
180 Tyjae Spears 180.8 3 RB55 Tennessee Titans
181 Isaiah Hodgins 182.1 2.5 WR79 NY Giants
182 Michael Mayer 183.5 3 TE23 Las Vegas Raiders
183 Chuba Hubbard 184.4 3.5 RB56 Carolina Panthers
184 Tyquan Thornton 185.6 3.5 WR80 New England Patriots
185 John Metchie 187.1 2.5 WR81 Houston Texans
186 Khalil Shakir 187.4 3 WR82 Buffalo Bills
187 Jimmy Garoppolo 188.5 3 QB26 Las Vegas Raiders
188 Kenneth Gainwell 188.5 3 RB57 Philadelphia Eagles
189 C.J. Stroud 189.2 2.5 QB27 Houston Texans
190 Leonard Fournette 191.6 3 RB58
191 Mecole Hardman 192.4 3 WR83 NY Jets
192 Mike Gesicki 192.8 2.5 TE24 New England Patriots
193 Chase Claypool 193.4 3.5 WR84 Chicago Bears
194 Gus Edwards 195.8 3 RB59 Baltimore Ravens
195 Jerome Ford 195.9 3.5 RB60 Cleveland Browns
196 Hayden Hurst 196 2.5 TE25 Carolina Panthers
197 Tyler Conklin 196.3 4.5 TE26 NY Jets
198 Brock Purdy 199.2 3.5 QB28 San Francisco 49ers
199 Sam Howell 201.9 3.5 QB29 Washington Commanders
200 Robert Woods 202.2 2.5 WR85 Houston Texans
  • Kenny Pickett: The second-year quarterback has some mobility, good weapons and now plays behind a solid offensive line.
  • Kenneth Gainwell: Swift and Rashaad Penny aren’t exactly beacons of availability.
  • C.J. Stroud: He is a pocket passer with the worst wide receiver group in the league.
  • Chase Claypool: He has multi-touchdown upside on a week-to-week basis.
  • Hayden Hurst: He has an appealing Week 17 matchup against the Jaguars.
  • Tyler Conklin: There is no target hog on this team after Wilson, and Conklin should flirt with 600-700 yards and 5-8 TDs with Rodgers.

Players 201-225

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
201 Kareem Hunt 202.2 3 RB61 Free Agent
202 Zach Evans 204.3 3 RB62 Los Angeles Rams
203 Joshua Palmer 204.6 3.5 WR86 Los Angeles Chargers
204 Desmond Ridder 205.7 3.5 QB30 Atlanta Falcons
205 Trey McBride 206.1 3 TE27 Arizona Cardinals
206 Tim Patrick 206.7 3.5 WR87 Denver Broncos
207 Nathaniel Dell 206.7 2.5 WR88 Houston Texans
208 Isaiah Likely 206.9 2.5 TE28 Baltimore Ravens
209 Marvin Jones 209.2 3 WR89 Detroit Lions
210 Parris Campbell 209.3 3 WR90 NY Giants
211 Mac Jones 209.6 3 QB31 New England Patriots
212 Noah Fant 209.7 3 TE29 Seattle Seahawks
213 Deuce Vaughn 210.6 3 RB63 Dallas Cowboys
214 Darius Slayton 210.6 4 WR91 NY Giants
215 Richie James 211.4 3 WR92 Kansas City Chiefs
216 Jelani Woods 211.4 3 TE30 Indianapolis Colts
217 Jake Ferguson 211.5 3 TE31 Dallas Cowboys
218 Michael Carter 211.6 3 RB64 NY Jets
219 Cedric Tillman 211.7 3 WR93 Cleveland Browns
220 Ty Chandler 212.3 3 RB65 Minnesota Vikings
221 DeWayne McBride 212.5 3 RB66 Minnesota Vikings
222 Baker Mayfield 213 3 QB32 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
223 James Robinson 213.2 2.5 RB67 New England Patriots
224 Zach Ertz 213.3 2.5 TE32 Arizona Cardinals
225 Allen Robinson 213.3 2.5 WR94 Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Joshua Palmer: He should provide some spike weeks anytime one of Allen, Williams or Johnston misses time due to injury.
  • Isaiah Likely: He is a backup tight end on a team with a crowded receiver room.
  • Darius Slayton: He is a starting outside receiver with speed who should play over rookie Hyatt.

Players 226-269

ADP Rank Player ADP Rating Position Rank Team
226 Luke Musgrave 213.4 3 TE33 Green Bay Packers
227 Israel Abanikanda 213.4 3 RB68 NY Jets
228 Corey Davis 213.8 3 WR95 NY Jets
229 Cordarrelle Patterson 214.2 2 RB69 Atlanta Falcons
230 DeVante Parker 214.2 2.5 WR96 New England Patriots
231 Terrace Marshall 214.2 3 WR96 Carolina Panthers
232 Clyde Edwards-Helaire 214.3 3 RB70 Kansas City Chiefs
233 Hunter Henry 214.4 3.5 TE34 New England Patriots
234 Mack Hollins 214.6 3 WR98 Atlanta Falcons
235 Joshua Kelley 214.6 3 RB71 Los Angeles Chargers
236 Zamir White 214.7 3.5 RB72 Las Vegas Raiders
237 Luke Schoonmaker 214.8 3.5 TE35 Dallas Cowboys
238 Puka Nacua 214.8 3 WR99 Los Angeles Rams
239 Keaontay Ingram 215 3.5 RB73 Arizona Cardinals
240 Justyn Ross 215.1 2.5 WR100 Kansas City Chiefs
241 Trayveon Williams 215.1 3 RB74 Cincinnati Bengals
242 Will Levis 215.1 2.5 QB33 Tennessee Titans
243 Pierre Strong 215.2 3.5 RB75 New England Patriots
244 Cade Otton 215.2 2.5 TE36 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
245 Quez Watkins 215.2 2.5 WR101 Philadelphia Eagles
246 Malik Davis 215.3 3 RB76 Dallas Cowboys
247 Deonte Harty 215.3 3.5 WR102 Buffalo Bills
248 Josh Reynolds 215.4 3.5 WR103 Detroit Lions
249 Sean Tucker 215.4 3.5 RB77 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
250 Ryan Tannehill 215.4 5 QB34 Tennessee Titans
251 Braxton Berrios 215.5 3 WR104 Miami Dolphins
252 Kayshon Boutte 215.5 3 WR104 New England Patriots
253 Charlie Jones 215.6 3 WR106 Cincinnati Bengals
254 Sam Darnold 215.6 3.5 QB35 San Francisco 49ers
255 Russell Gage 215.6 3 WR107 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
256 Tutu Atwell 215.6 2.5 WR108 Los Angeles Rams
257 Michael Wilson 215.6 3 WR109 Arizona Cardinals
258 Logan Thomas 215.6 3 TE37 Washington Commanders
259 Foster Moreau 215.6 2 TE38 New Orleans Saints
260 Evan Hull 215.6 4 RB78 Indianapolis Colts
261 Kyle Philips 215.6 2.5 WR110 Tennessee Titans
262 Eric Gray 215.7 4 RB79 NY Giants
263 Chase Edmonds 215.7 2.5 RB80 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
264 Tyler Scott 215.7 2 WR111 Chicago Bears
265 Olamide Zaccheaus 215.7 2.5 WR111 Philadelphia Eagles
266 Randall Cobb 215.7 2.5 WR113 NY Jets
267 Devin Duvernay 215.7 2 WR114 Baltimore Ravens
268 Darnell Washington 215.8 2.5 TE39 Pittsburgh Steelers
269 A.T. Perry 215.8 3 WR115 New Orleans Saints
  • Corey Davis: He is a former first-round pick that suddenly gets the best quarterback of his career in Rodgers.
  • Zamir White: Jacobs had 393 touches last year, the fifth most in the past decade. White looks like the direct backup in Las Vegas.
  • Pierre Strong: Strong is a speedy runner who may only be behind Stevenson on the Patriots’ depth chart.
  • Sean Tucker: The rookie runner could be White’s direct backup in Tampa Bay.
  • Ryan Tannehill: This is by far the latest starting quarterback you can draft, and he has 20 rushing TDs over the past four seasons.
  • Sam Darnold: He could possibly be the 49ers starting quarterback if anything happens with Purdy’s recovery.
  • Evan Hull: He should play the Nyheim Hines role alongside Taylor, and the elite pass-catching rookie could be a monster in fantasy if Taylor gets injured.
  • Eric Gray: He is Barkley’s direct backup with an all-purpose skill set.

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