Stack Chargers, Dolphins in Week 12 DFS Main Slate Games

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Below we will take a look at some of the double stacks, single stacks, and mini stacks I will be looking to take advantage of this weekend. If you have any questions, ask them on our 33rd Team Discord.

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Double Stacks

Stack: QB Justin Herbert, RB Austin Ekeler and WR Keenan Allen

Runback: RB James Conner

Herbert had his first game over nine yards per attempt last week and is now playing a team that has given up 21 passing touchdowns this year. The Cardinals primarily play zone, along with Herbert’s main targets against zone coverage being Ekeler and Allen. Both players get targeted on over 30% of routes run. Allen averages over four yards per route run against it. It’s a big salary commitment; however, we have seen this trio get there. The Cardinals have given up 4.5 yards per carry and 8.5 yards per reception to running backs. 

The Chargers have been one of the worst run defenses in football, and with Kyler Murray’s hamstring injury, I expect the main workload to be Conner. Marquise Brown also comes back into the lineup, and I believe the Chargers will play more zone coverage than they did the week before, and limit the passing attack of the Cardinals. 

Stack: QB Tua Tagovailoa, RB Jeff Wilson and WR Tyreek Hill

Runback: WR Nico Collins

The Texans run a lot of cover 2 and cover 3 coverage. Not to mention, Tagovailoa has averaged 10.6 yards per attempt against it. Hill averages 4.01 yards per route run against these coverages with a 29% target share. Jeff Wilson will have the full-time workload and has averaged over six yards per carry with the Miami Dolphins. The Texans have been one of the NFL’s worst run defenses this season, and allowed multiple running backs over 140 yards rushing.

The main player on the Texans that interests me is Nico Collins. The primary coverages are Cover 1 and Cover 3 for Miami.  In the NFL since Week 7, Collins is ranked eighth in targets per route run against these coverages. At $4,100, Collins is a salary savior that will get deep targets from Kyle Allen.

Stack: QB Taylor Heinicke, WR Terry McLaurin and TE Logan Thomas

Runback: WR Drake London

Monitoring the rain situation in Washington will be a big factor in this game. However, there is a lot to love with Heinicke in this matchup. The Falcons have given up 7.6 yards per attempt and 4.2 yards per carry. The Commanders have not been effective in the run game, and I expect them to throw the ball more in this game. The Falcons will give them man coverages and have the players beat it. McLaurin has a 35% target share since Heinicke has taken over and averages 3.1 yards per route run. Additionally, Thomas has had ten targets in the last two weeks, and the Falcons haven’t been great against tight ends. George Kittle, David Njoku, and Tyler Higbee had over 70 yards receiving but were unable to score a touchdown.

Although Kyle Pitts is out for the rest of the year, the Commanders have been a great run defense this season. Even so, Drake London is in line for a big target share. The Commanders will play a lot of cover 1 to load the box against the Atlanta rushing attack, and London, with Pitts, has had a 39% target share against it. How often Marcus Mariota drops back will be a problem, but I see a lot of targets going London’s way.

Single Stacks

No Single stacks this weekend.


Las Vegas at Seattle

WR Davante Adams and RB Kenneth Walker III

The Seahawks have some very talented corners, but guarding Adams for a full game is a different story. Adams has a high target share against each of the Seahawks’ primary coverages, and with volume, Adams will be a major factor. Adams has had 13 targets in three straight games, and the connection with Carr has been displayed.

Four RBs have had 20 rushing attempts against the Raiders, and three scored 24 or more points. Walker has had 20 or more attempts in three of the five games he’s been a starter. In the last two games he has had 12 targets, and the Raiders have allowed over five receptions in a game to four different RBs. 


TE Travis Kelce

Kelce has been unstoppable as of late, and this matchup is no different. The Rams have blitzed a lot, and Kelce has been unguardable one-on-one. The Chiefs are projected to have one of the highest point totals this week, which will ride on Kelce.

TE Mark Andrews

Andrews ran over 90% of the routes last weekend and will be their main producer in the passing game. The Jaguars allowed Kelce to have over 20 points, and he was 20 yards away from the 100-yard receiving bonus. This is one of the weeks where paying up for the top tight end could be an effective way to build your lineups.

WR Garrett Wilson/WR Elijah Moore

The Jets have two cheap wide receivers that can be part of a functional offense with new QB Mike White. Wilson has been the number one wide receiver this year and has a low average depth of target, which fits into what White wants to do passing-wise. Moore has moved to the slot and had a connection with White in the starts he made last year. Both of these wide receivers will have free space to work against the zone coverage of the Bears.

Player Pool

Player Pos Team Opp DK Salary FD Salary VegasPts
Justin Herbert QB LAC @ ARI $7,000 $7,900 25.75
Tua Tagovailoa QB MIA vs HOU $6,900 $8,300 30.25
Taylor Heinicke QB WAS vs ATL $5,300 $6,500 22.25
Christian McCaffrey RB SF vs NO $8,800 $9,200 25.5
Austin Ekeler RB LAC @ ARI $8,500 $8,800 25.75
Nick Chubb RB CLE vs TB $7,800 $8,100 19.75
Kenneth Walker III RB SEA vs LV $6,900 $8,400 25.25
James Conner RB ARI vs LAC $6,600 $7,000 22.75
Jeff Wilson RB MIA vs HOU $5,900 $7,700 30.25
D’Onta Foreman RB CAR vs DEN $5,500 $6,700 17.75
Michael Carter RB NYJ vs CHI $5,400 $6,200 22.25
Rachaad White RB TB @ CLE $5,100 $6,400 22.75
Tyreek Hill WR MIA vs HOU $8,800 $9,200 30.25
Davante Adams WR LV @ SEA $8,600 $9,000 22.25
DeAndre Hopkins WR ARI vs LAC $7,700 $8,400 22.75
Jaylen Waddle WR MIA vs HOU $7,300 $8,100 30.25
Tee Higgins WR CIN @ TEN $6,900 $8,200 22.75
DK Metcalf WR SEA vs LV $6,500 $7,400 25.25
Keenan Allen WR LAC @ ARI $6,100 $7,300 25.75
Tyler Boyd WR CIN @ TEN $5,900 $6,700 22.75
Terry McLaurin WR WAS vs ATL $5,800 $7,200 22.25
JuJu Smith-Schuster WR KC vs LAR $5,700 $6,600 28.75
Courtland Sutton WR DEN @ CAR $5,600 $7,100 18.75
Josh Palmer WR LAC @ ARI $5,400 $6,800 25.75
Marquise Brown WR ARI vs LAC $5,300 $7,000 22.75
DJ Moore WR CAR vs DEN $5,000 $6,200 17.75
Curtis Samuel WR WAS vs ATL $5,000 $6,500 22.25
Drake London WR ATL @ WAS $4,900 $6,100 18.25
Garrett Wilson WR NYJ vs CHI $4,300 $6,000 22.25
Treylon Burks WR TEN vs CIN $4,200 $5,900 20.75
Nico Collins WR HOU @ MIA $4,100 $6,000 16.25
Jahan Dotson WR WAS vs ATL $4,000 $5,800 22.25
DeAndre Carter WR LAC @ ARI $3,700 $5,900 25.75
Elijah Moore WR NYJ vs CHI $3,500 $5,300 22.25
Denzel Mims WR NYJ vs CHI $3,100 $5,200 22.25
Travis Kelce TE KC vs LAR $7,700 $8,200 28.75
Mark Andrews TE BAL @ JAC $6,500 $7,300 23.25
Gerald Everett TE LAC @ ARI $4,400 $5,200 25.75
Foster Moreau TE LV @ SEA $3,400 $5,400 22.25
Logan Thomas TE WAS vs ATL $3,000 $5,200 22.25
Dolphins DST MIA vs HOU $3,900 $4,400 16.25
Broncos DST DEN @ CAR $3,800 $3,900 17.75
Jets DST NYJ vs CHI $3,300 $5,000 16.25
Panthers DST CAR vs DEN $3,000 $3,900 18.75
Chiefs DST KC vs LAR $2,800 $4,900 13.75
Cardinals DST ARI vs LAC $2,700 $3,800 25.75
Raiders DST LV @ SEA $2,600 $3,400 25.25

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