Hall of Fame Game Showdown

The NFL is back, bringing us to the season’s first showdown contest in the Hall of Fame Game. We have the Jacksonville Jaguars facing off against the Las Vegas Raiders in Canton, Ohio. The last four Hall of Fame games have not eclipsed 40 points; the over-under for this one is set at 30.5 points. There is not a lot of scoring expected, and we will utilize this as to how we are constructing lineups. Pricing in the preseason is all standardized, so you can use any six players on DraftKings and any five on FanDuel.

Hall of Fame Game Strategy

For starters, do not invest much into this or any preseason contest. The amount of playing time each player will receive is very unpredictable at the RB, WR, and TE positions. Also, do not be afraid of playing multiple QB’s from the same team when they are slotted to get extended playtime because of injuries. For example, the Jaguars only have two QBs on their active roster; both get extended playtime and are both rosterable. Finally, understand that one touchdown will change the entire outcome of this showdown contest. However, do not expect to see many touchdowns in this one. 

Hall of Fame Game Player Pool

Multiplier Plays (in order of preference)

  • QB Kyle Sloter JAX
    • Most recently played in the playoffs for the USFL, has a 71% comp in the preseason, 8.1 YPA, and an 11-1 TD-INT ratio. 
  • QB Jake Luton JAX
    • Getting an entire half of football is a massive boost, and I do not mind playing both Sloter with Luton because I do not believe the Jaguars will run the ball too much.
  • QB Jarrett Stidham LVR
    • Stidham is comfortable in Josh Mcdaniels’ offense, but it’s a matter of how much he plays. If news breaks that he will play the first half with Mullins and Garbers splitting the second, he will move up in the rankings. However, for now, he will stay here. 
  • WR Jeff Cotton Jr. JAX
    • Seven receptions for 116 yards and a touchdown in the last preseason. He has been the most linked player to the QBs above and will be the guy I put together with both of these QBs
  • RB Snoop Conner JAX
    • For the Jaguars, four healthy running backs are active for the HOF game, and according to the depth chart, Conner will be getting the start. Conner is a power back that showed flashes at Ole Miss and could be the primary Goal-line back.

Flex Players

  • RB Zamir White LVR
    • White is the rookie back that would be in line for goal-line work. But he missed two weeks of training camp and will be a watch for the news on whether or not he is playing.
  • RB Brittan Brown LVR
    • Brown is a back that I will likely avoid if White is healthy, but I am looking to have in case he misses. Rookies in the preseason generally get more work than veterans that have been around the league for a long time. 
  • WR Keelan Cole LVR
    • I have liked Cole as a player for a long time. But with 12 WRs on the roster, I do not expect him to have a ton of snaps to be a multiplier consideration.
  • WR Tyron Johnson LVR
    • Speed and one deep ball are all it takes for a preseason showdown contest and with the landscape of these Raiders. I prefer Johnson over Cole, but it’s a very close split.
  • K Ryan Santoso JAX
    • The Jaguars do not have this position locked up, and it will be a battle for Santoso vs. Elliott Fry, who was brought in last Friday. The depth chart tells me Santoso will have the first crack at the field goal in this game.
  • DST Jaguars (DraftKings only)
    • With a 30-point over under, it will be difficult to imagine that these defenses will not be putting up at least eight or nine points.
  • DST Raiders (DraftKings only)
    • With a 30-point over under, it will be difficult to imagine that these defenses will not be putting up at least eight or nine points.
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