When Does an NFL Prospect’s Behavior Outweigh His Talent?

This week’s 33rd Team Call featured Dane Brugler of The Athletic presenting his top cornerback prospects for the NFL draft, and mention of Kentucky’s Kelvin Joseph sparked an interesting side conversation.

Brugler mentioned that Joseph might have some maturity issues, which led to a question from former ESPN’ host Trey Wingo: When does a draft prospect’s behavior outweigh his talent?

Former Jets and Browns head coach Eric Mangini and former Jets and Dolphins GM Mike Tannenbaum discussed the subject.

“We would always have that debate about maturity,” Mangini said of his time with Tannenbaum at the Jets. “My thought process was, What makes you think more time, more money, more fame is going to make this guy more mature? … We’ve all made dumb mistakes, especially in college, but is there a pattern of behavior that’s just gonna get worse with money and fame and all the things that come with pro football? Or are these mistakes you make because you’re a young guy?”

Watch the video:

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