2023 NFL Draft Watch List: Tiering the Best College Tight Ends

2023 NFL Draft Watch List: Tiering the Best College Tight Ends

The conclusion of the 2022 NFL Draft means that teams and fans alike can start looking forward to next year’s crop of players. While it is far too early to have conclusive opinions on where each player will rank due to a full season of games and the player development ahead of us, this tier ranking previews how these players go into the season ranked against their position group. These tiers are subject to change but give a quick outlook on the expectations of these players.

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​​Tier 1: The Top Talents

Michael Mayer | Notre Dame

Sam LaPorta | Iowa

Cameron Latu | Alabama

Tier 1 tight end prospects are regarded as being both receiving threats as well as impact blockers in the run game. Having a player who can line up in the slot to catch passes and on the end of the line to set the edge in the run game is a huge advantage. This is one of the most difficult positions to play due to the things asked from the player. This tier has the potential to play as a high-level H or Y tight end while being good at other responsibilities.

Tier 2: Elite Traits

Darnell Washington | Georgia

Jahleel Billingsley | Alabama

Jaheim Bell | South Carolina

Erick All | Michigan

Tier 2 is composed of players who have very good abilities but may not have the most potential to be a complete prospect. They excel at one portion of the game and are above average in the other. These players have the ability to develop into complete players although they may need more time to grow into their own. All of these players see NFL caliber defensive prospects almost every week and will hope to prove they can dominate to improve their stock.

Tier 3: Potential Draft Picks

Theo Johnson | Penn State

Dalton Kincaid | Utah

Benjamin Yurosek | Stanford

Tier 3 of this position group is considered players with draftable trait combinations that are good enough to develop at the next level. Tight end prospects who are drafted have a blend of height, speed, strength, and receiving ability. Players in this category have a combination of 2 or 3 of these traits which allows them to make an impact and make a roster. These players may be insufficient in one phase of the game but make up for it by being useful in either the run or pass.

Tier 4: Next Year’s Sleepers

Ben Sims | Baylor

Tucker Craft | South Dakota State

Austin Stogner | Oklahoma

Noah Gindorff | North Dakota State

Josh Whyle | Cincinnati

Tier 4 is considered the group of players who have more to prove this year and should get more snaps and touches to do so. They have seen lesser roles so far and will look to produce the film that shows they can play at the professional level. Some of these players have limited athleticism and will hope to show off their offseason development to gain traction for the draft. Overall, each of these players have more to prove in order to increase their draft consideration for the upcoming year.

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